Unlock Camera:Zoom(distance)


I want to force the camera to zoom to a specific distance and I don’t want to write an entire camera system just so I can do that.

Alternatively, setting Camera.CFrame if the CameraType is not Scriptable should automatically change the zoom accordingly so that it is the correct distance from the Focus.


Does setting CameraMinZoomDistance + CameraMaxZoomDistance to your desired “zoom” value on Player/StarterPlayer not work?

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I just want to set the distance from the focus once and then restore control over the camera to the player, I don’t want to force it to stay at that distance.

Changing the min/max zoom distance and then changing it back after a delay works, although I’m not sure exactly how long the delay needs to be before I can change it back. wait() seems to be long enough.


Sure, but that just locks it there. What if he doesn’t want to lock the camera there? Why would this be locked to CoreScripts anyways? This seems so much easier.


Any update on this?