Unnecessary Reply’s


You can see the post title and assume what I’m aiming at.

A lot of reply have caught my eye recently and the posts mostly included a reply trying to get a bunch of likes by having a first reply of doing something quick when having no idea what this topic is about.

The post I see are considered spam and anytime I try to flag it just says they have determined that there is no problem with this considering this rule: Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

Also saying no generic reply such as: “Thanks! This will help out, blah blah blah, Thank you”

Which, a post like that said I couldn’t flag it.

Is moderation doing a poor job for this?


Dude, at this point, we can’t really report anything. Any opinion that goes against how the Dev forum is handled, the big people are going to disagree with you and pretend nothing is wrong. I’m saying this cause it’s true. I don’t care how I made an assumption. The dev forum is just like the old roblox forum, flooded. It’s even hard to find good recruitment posts and such.

TL;DR: Although they’re trying the best they can (hopefully) They’re letting themselves go honestly.


I know. It seems like Regulars hang around Forum Feedback just waiting to say all the flaws of the idea or post. I can only imagine what the lounge is like…

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Then the flag was incorrect. Just because a post says “thanks” doesn’t mean it should be flagged. If it added new information or even asked a question then it just can’t be flagged.

No, not at all. I have flagged posts that genuinely break rules and they agree with it as well.

Says who?

So incorrect!

Look at this topic: DevForum Structural Changes

They did this in response to this topic: Slight rant — The problem with the Roblox devforum in 1 picture

Developer Relations indeed listens to the community! Please do not spread this type of misinformation! That is dangerous!

Well, I can somewhat agree, but that is because of the new member influx. Not much can be done really other than flagging anything that breaks rules.

Collaboration is a very niche “community” on the forums.


In my opinion, flagging posts is an outdated feature and isn’t really needed. The flag system is doing a poor job in moderation. There should be some kind of other reporting system. But everything is ruled by Discourse, so everything we can do about it is to hope.


Goodness, you’re so right. The devforum was better back then honestly.

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Sorry about my statement. When I said “Reporting.” I meant, make a report on the problems of how things have been. Not actually flagging. My bad, I should of typed that better for a clearer understanding.

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What did I say. I can understand the truth but the fact that most of the time members get deeply corrected to Regulars. This is byeis but honestly my option. You can say what you like, I just disagree.

You can see the Regulars liking his post when it is so untrue. It honestly feels like they teaming up and have more power.

Now that is very unsourced but in all honesty how I feel, but something like that may make others feel not great, referring to Regulars.


I know there are some good recruitment posts, but the good/bad recruitment post ratio is not being even. There’s more bad posts than good posts. Answer this, when’s the last time you hung around the recruitment category? There’s barely any posts stating payment and describing their group. The ones that actually do (which have over ten people wanting to get hired) Those are the good ones

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I don’t care about that category, I don’t even view it. I have it muted. I am not interested in taking any offers. Not sure why are you are crazy about recruitment.

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I stand with you. I definitely agree. This forum is deeply biased.


How is this forum “deeply biased”? Do you have any evidence?

You’re literally disagreeing with me saying that the category is alright but then say you don’t view it. I’m not crazy about the topic, and matter a fact. I pay attention to it because I’m a builder that wants to get hired by someone who doesn’t post anything with low detail and gives up later on.

I can understand that the regulars are probably gonna get worked up and argue trying to get my post taken down but really, I honestly was just wanting some answers.

I said it was very niche, not that it was ok

Nobody is trying to take down your post. We genuinely want to know where you’re coming from.

If you see any unnecessary replies, flag these.
The Dev Engagement Team’s purpose is to handle forum moderation and they are getting paid for it by Roblox, so you don’t “waste their time” when you flag posts.


The forum is basically 100% volunteer work. No one comes here as a job. Post approval, moderation, are more or less volunteers that chose to do this. Either you accept it or you don’t. People who are active on the forum should not be despised but appreciated. The old forum wasn’t much better, it was just organized and more robust because of less users.

Your posts were flagged because they were off topic and such. It really isn’t the mods that took it down, the community thought it was not necessary. Only when it has been flagged for moderation by the community does the moderation team decide to take it down, or if you got many flags; whichever comes first.

Take it this way, does a teacher teach you or do you teach the teacher? We have more experience, that’s why we try and correct your mistakes. It’s not like we haven;t been corrected when we first joined.

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Ok, I should of put more info describing my issue with people breaking rules rather that arguing about something no one had against me, sorry. I know the rules are updated frequently but breaking a rule is breaking a rule.

Not to immediately correct you but Developer Engagement (the team that handles this forum and flags) are Roblox employees that get paid to do this, not volunteers.