Untitled Test Game Devlog #1 (Inspired by Generic Roleplay Gaem)

Hello. I’ve been working on a game inspired by Generic Roleplay Gaem for about a month or so, and I’d like to show my progress so far(even if it’s not that much)!

Election system:

Every 100 seconds, if the position of El Presidente is not filled, an election will start. 2 random players will be selected as candidates.

Hunger system:
Self explanatory! All living beings have to eat to live, don’t they?

Police/jail system (not implemented fully yet!):
A simple wanted/arrest system. It’s not fully implemented yet as I will first have to add the ability to change laws, the code for the laws themselves, and then conceptualize what I think the laws should be.

That’s all! There’s not really anything else to show, but I have lots of ideas to add to the game in the future. Here is the game link if you’d like to try the
game in its unfinished state: https://www.roblox.com/games/9046130631/Untitled-Test-Game. Sorry if this was all underwhelming, but I just wanted to make this post so that later on I can look back on it.

NOTE: The game name is simply a placeholder. Once the game is in a finished enough state, I will find a name. All things are also subject to change!