Untracked Memory Depreciates into Negatives after time

Server-side untracked memory slowly falls into the negatives and constantly decreases (negatively) after the server has been in uptime for quite some time. This is happening for multiple games besides my own (See the support thread below.), and always happens after the server has been open for awhile.

The issue started occurring either early this year or late last year, however I am not confident when.

This gets in the way of debugging memory usage and makes the server-side memory tab completely useless as it also makes the total tracked memory negative and messes with the memory value sorting.

Game Information:
Game Link: JoJo's Bloxxy Adventure - Roblox
Note: I restart (Teleport players back into a new server.) once the server reaches 24 hours but usually around the 4-5 hour mark the server memory is already negative. Once a server reaches 24 hours it can be all the way up to 6-8 GBs of negative untracked memory. Sometimes 24 hour servers can also be only at 1 GB of untracked memory.

Note that I create all my visual effects on the clients, NPCs are all client-animated, have StreamingEnabled turned on and have all betas turned on. Since the server only really handles characters and projectile physics, it shouldn’t have any problems with untracked memory let alone regular memory issues. Other people have also confirmed it happens when all their game’s scripts are disabled.

To see server up-time in my game I provide a GUI at the top left of the screen.

Other cases:
(See: Scripting Support “Untracked Memory Negative”)

The user in that post also stated they disabled all their scripts, as well as, deleted them to test if it was their scripts causing the problem, however the problem continued. So I believe this to be a Roblox bug with how it manages untracked memory usage.

The issue also occurs in another game I develop for:

As for reproduction I haven’t the time to mess with code and wait in a server for 4-8 hours to find out whether or not how to reproduce it, however it ALWAYS happens in the game link I provided above if the server is at least 2-3 hours old.

Pictures and micro-profiler logs:
8 Hour Server:

Microprofiler Log: log_C3A22_microprofile_20210709-053541.html (4.3 MB)

12 Hour Server:

Microprofiler Log: log_ACC24_microprofile_20210709-055300.html (2.4 MB)

Brand new Server: (Behaves normally until the 2-4 hour mark.) BrandServer


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


This should be fixed once the servers are updated - so pretty soon.


What has been the cause of this? Was this simply a Dev Console glitch, or is there a reason for the Untracked Memory to go so far into the negatives? My game seems to go into the negative 3k.

There was a way to free some memory without updating the stats - so it was incorrectly increasing tracked memory.


I regret to inform that the issue hasn’t appeared to be fixed:

31 hour server

Even happens as recently as 7 hours:

I believe the fix would only have been updated to the servers in the last day or two if you want to take another look.


Heyo, wanted to alert you that this issue is now occuring again.

This now occurs almost instantly on server start, causing major server lag.

Here’s my game for info.
✈️ JETS! ✈️ Hanscom Air Force Base - Roblox

I’ve checked out the issue and it seems that everyone is always running around 20 frames, it’s quite weird.

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