Untracked Memory in the negatives

First Devforum post.
I’ve looked through recent posts trying to find something which relates to the topic but I was unable to find anything regarding recent negative values.

To the point

Recently I’ve checked one of my places and the untracked memory upon starting a new server will increasingly go down into the negatives the longer the server lasts for.

Server Untracked Memory

I’ve only been in-game to see it reach -3000 before I got bored and left.

The main reason this is important is that it’s causing other players to experience major server lag and have their games crash to desktop.

What I’ve done:

  • Looked it up
  • Gotten to the point where I deleted and or disabled all of my server scripts in the game to no avail.
  • Posted on DevForum

Any advice on the subject would be appreciated


I don’t even know honestly about this because I never seen it but since I wanted to help, maybe try moving a place into a new place. Otherwise I need some considerations, how many assets even are there if it experiences major server lag anyway?

I could try the moving to a new place option.

Its a pretty hefty place, as most of my games usually are, but It almost never experiences server lag lest it reaches close to the 100 player server count.

btw that didnt work. And issue prevails to this day.

This is actually a cursed post what

Only thing I’d suggest is reporting this to @Bug-Support, I don’t think the Untracked Memory is even supposed to go down that low? Even if you have a lot of scripts running I believe it’d go up instead of down

I believe its only on one of my places too. Like this one specific map is just cursed to getting untracked server memory in the -6000s.

Could you link a place file if possible? That’s very strange for that to be happening in the first place

Same thing’s happening here on a relatively new place.

The ultimate solution to memory leaks!

On a more serious note this isn’t great since it shows that maybe the dev console doesn’t display the most reliable data.

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I think it has to be one of my scripts or something since its happening on different places now. But I’m super careful with how I write stuff Idk how something would leak negativley.

edit: but again im not sure cause ive deleted all the scripts from a place before to test and still the same.

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Are you sure it’s not your Roblox? Have you try it in a new place, for an example a baseplate?

I think it’s a visual bug from the Dev Console. As far as I’m aware my game hasn’t exactly entered the 4th dimension yet, so having less than no untracked memory is very much impossible.
Also could be an issue with how it is measured.

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Baseplate Memory seems weird but normal. Declining at the start but spiking up whilst not getting into the negatives too quickly. (or at all)

I don’t know if this will help, but I had seen my Untracked Memory go into the negatives, while at the same time the default and physics/step in the Core Memory increased at the same time. That happened when I unanchored and then destroyed my model. So what I’m guessing is that the Untracked Memory is going down as a result to balance some other memory going up.

What could be going up at such a rate?

Issue is affecting all of my places, whilst I try to code things with the best practices there has to be something on the server side that I’m missing cause places in my universe game are getting into the -100k untracked server memory on as the server time increases.I think now i can say it is actually effecting server gameplay; for the servers will start freezing and eventually crashing.

I recently started experiencing this as well, any update on how this happens would be nice.

Happening to me too.

I would call this, a way to get more memory :rofl:

A bug report should be made about this

exactly I just wanna know what I’m doing to cause this so that I can stop it.

It doesn’t seem like enough people are getting this though to make it a big report.

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This issue does prevail, seem to be having issues also.