UntrackedMemory rises at an alarming rate

Long story short, I’ve already optimized my server scripts for minimum UntrackedMemory production. But instead, the UntrackedMemory rises at an alarm rate. It can rise up to 100 MB within half an hour with a ~5 player server. Is what I’ve done not enough? If so, is there anymore method to slow down UntrackedMemory gain other than disconnecting events and trashing variables? Edit: Information on my game: 35k parts. A lot of scripts. StreamingEnabled. Voxel Lighting Technology (Not sure if it matters or not).

I found an interesting article about having to manually disconnect events to players, I’m surprised it hasn’t been patched?

I know it’s not much information, but you could try researching the forums for references/instances that aren’t properly deleted, or look at other smaller posts that received solutions to their memory leaks.

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