Upcoming Beta Removal - TerrainTools:ConvertTool

Hi developers,

We wanted to let you know that we plan to remove the Convert Tool beta from the Terrain Editor a few weeks from now. This means that both the beta and access to the Convert Tool will be removed from Studio. We will still maintain support for any APIs that utilize this functionality.

If you still prefer to use a tool to convert parts into terrain, we recommend trying out these community-made alternatives:

We decided to remove this feature because we think the community-made alternatives offer a solid solution, and we have better ideas for how we want to support the use cases this tool was built for longer-term.

Thank you!


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This removal is going to negatively impact my workflow since it will fill up another space on my never-ending plugin bar.


Do you folks have any plans for supporting the mass editing of massive terrain chunks? Currently, it’s extremely hard to move / edit huge areas of terrain, either externally outside of studio or internally in studio. Being able to edit huge chunks of terrain outside of studio would make it possible to move entire terrain maps, since there is no rendering or physics overhead - it’s just the raw data being computed.


I’m not a fan of this removal, I don’t want to use another plugin just so I can convert a part to terrain.


Not a great update, It was a quite useful function and I will need a plugin for my workflow not to be disturbed.


This is a major problem for recent Roblox updates, can we please for once have the alternative implemented before the tool removal.


The alternative is implemented - there’s existing plugins that do the same thing. If there’s something that the built-in plugin did that the alternatives don’t offer, bring those up.


What I mean by the alternative is, the built-in solution they say they are currently brainstorming.

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What specifically do you need that current plugins don’t offer? If there’s functionality missing, I’d suggest making a feature request so that future iterations include your usecases.


As a personal note, I’m not a fan of this idea, and I’ve got a few ideas and suggestions into what you could consider for alternatives.

First of all, having all the terrain tools that I need in one place is extremely useful and centralised, and I know alongside developers who have a lot of plugins, which most do, it’s extremely frustrating to go through them all to find the one they are looking for.

Would it, as a theoretical suggestion here while you are working on a new solution, not be worth considering an idea of working with the Developers of the Plugins, I’m not sure how the full code for studio pre-built plugins are written, but I would presume it’s still Lua that you have mentioned there to help produce a more stable version using already written code or planned out code and systems, this would go a long way to ensuring tool stability for a while knowing that the recommending plugins would just be being implemented into the Studio Terrain Hub.


I’d rather have a official convert tool instead of relying on a community plugin which may break at any point


They require an extra slot on my plugin bar, my plugin bar is so filled up by now that the icon would be only a few pixels.

I don’t have regular so even if I wanted to, I can’t.


won’t this mess up some developers workflow?


What’s with this awful trend of removing features without offering a better alternative?

There is currently no community replacement for your plugin. Both solutions you link to do not allow you to simply select a model and instantly turn it into terrain of your choosing.

Mkargus’ only lets you convert single parts to terrain in a click, and Quenty’s only works with directly selected objects. Until one of them reproduces the ability to just select a model and click a single button, this change is needlessly slowing down part of my terrain-building workflow.

Your UI has plenty of space to keep this icon around, I’d appreciate reconsidering.
Now I am forced to fill the ever-contested real estate of my topbar with a button that does less than the nicely hidden away button did. :neutral_face:


I never knew there was a built-in way to convert parts to terrain… I still can’t find it when looking for it.


The issue is that Roblox needs to dedicate resources to maintaining this feature, and if other plugins do it well already, there is no point in offering the functionality and needing to maintain it forever. As others have mentioned, if needing another plugin on the plugin bar is an issue, then the real problem is with the organization / presentation of user plugins.


I didn’t know this feature existed, I build terrain the old fashion way.


They really need to add a way to organise plugins. Maybe something similar to Discord’s server folders? We can drag plugins into a folder that we can expand and contract, for example, grouping together terrain tools in this case.

Someone make this a feature request if there isn’t one already please, since I don’t have permissions to post in those sections due to being a Member. (Despite having been a member for over 3 years…)


We added analytics to explicitly check. The number of people using this was so low (low-mid double digits, IIRC) that we decided the impact would be low.