Upcoming Changes to Avatar Catalog Upload Requirements

either tax us on clothing or charge us to upload it both is excessive honestly very irritating and what happens if u accidentallly upload clothing thats got errors
can i change it?
refund it?
if its the botting problem your trying to solve damage done already in the market place unless u find some way to reverse that first.


This sounds good until the bots change the hue, gamma, or even a few pixels. Even with 16 bit color, there are 65535 available colors per pixel. Let’s assume the bot picks 20 random pixels to alter, probably from an area users wouldn’t even notice. See the problem?

Roblox already stores asset hashes to aid in moderation, but doing what I mentioned earlier alters the hash, having a moderator check the asset again.


This would just favor big designers over small ones.

So does the current upload system; botters will just use captcha farms/services.


I clearly wasn’t clear (not to sound rude)

Verified designers

With verified designers yes they will be bumped towards the front of the page but it will help prevent a bunch of spam bots. Also I did say “player owned catalog” therefor the players of roblox will manage this catalog so we can kind of bump users towards the front page of the catalog itself.

Each submission goes through human verification to prevent botting

When you upload a clothing item it won’t put it on the catalog right away. It will be sent to a submission stage which moderators will be able to look at your submissions and either accept or decline it.

After 5+ Clothing items being uploaded you can upload freely but you’ll be maxed out to 5 uploads a day.
If any bots somehow bypass the systems we can easily remove all the items they have on the catalog to clear up some space.


How about using an AI to compare similar shirts and then sends them to a moderation queue like for ads? Obviously there must be an upload rate limit in this system.


Hey all,

The upload and selling fees feature is being rolled out for some users.

Here’s a summary of some of the changes you may see:

  • Premium is no longer required to make 2D clothing.
  • All users, regardless of whether they have Premium, earn 70% of their item sales.
  • 2D shirts and pants cost 50 R$ per item to upload.
  • T-shirts can be uploaded at no cost, but there is a one-time fee of 50 R$ the first time the item is put on sale.

As a reminder, this only applies to items created AFTER this feature goes live - existing items will not be subject to any upload or selling fee.

We will be monitoring over the next few days to make sure there are no issues, but expect this to roll out to everyone very soon. We will link here to the updated developer wiki documentation once the feature is live for all.

Thank you all again for your feedback and stay tuned for more updates to the 2D clothing shop!


This is devastating. All of our fears of a high fee have come true. Well Roblox, say goodbye to 75% of your talented, hard-working, honest clothing designers. :woman_shrugging:

Stalking/tracking someone down just because you saw their username in a YouTube video is weird and unusual. Stop it, get some help.


It’s a shame to see that this feature has continued to be rolled out after the responses we all see above on this thread and the testimonies of designers.
What I’d like to know is will there be talks with leaders in the clothing community to see if there can be a better solution to such a big issue?
If the developer relations or appropriate teams asked proper questions and spoke to the people it affects direct, a better result can always be achieved.


Agreed completely, it is really disappointing that this has been implemented even if it is 50% less than we had originally anticipated. People now have to pay to showcase their creativity, whilst other developers don’t.


So is Roblox considering any sort of exception for lifetime premium users? As I explained in a post above, I feel that these changes are unfair towards lifetime users that already paid for unlimited clothing uploading.


I think someone cleared it up already but the Premium members have to pay a fee as well for clothing.


Where was this said? -----------------


Someone mentioned this in the comments, I think you can scroll up to find it.


not a fan but can ya at least make it so its per upload to prevent most users from uploading to prevent buying clothing for the minimal price?


So what I am seeing from this update is that if smaller creators want to get into selling clothing, they have to get some recognition first? So people with no recognition will start off by losing robux and have a harder time to get started than earlier developers? Selling clothing is off my checklist now.


In my opinion, this update really limits the upgrades premium users have. All premium users will get now is extra robux?? Also this is extremely unfair to small designers who hardly make any sales which is limiting UGC on roblox, sadly and making it easier for only the rich to profit. I see the hours it takes these small designers to create these beautiful pieces of clothing, and now it can firstly easily be stolen as anyone can upload them if they have 50 robux (50 pence) and they will most likely not make any sustainable profit for them to continue making and selling items. Please consider your small designers etc. Additionally, this update will simply drag down your personal profit as you would get more out of 30% off shirt sales than charging us 50 robux as we simply cant afford it as small designers.


Can’t y’all work on making templates private instead of doing all this? This is so unnecessary and will ruin half of the designing industry. Not everyone can afford having 100 robux every time they want to upload something and put it onsale. Privating the templates will block anyone from stealing, it can allow the creator only to see it. Please rethink before you take action, our industry relies on you.


Agreed, it’s sad that it’s costing such a high fee for something like this. R$50 is too much for small clothing developers, I would think. R$25 or even R$15 is better. This is devistating for small creators.


This is just going to drive clothing prices up and up. I don’t like this change.

Also @tornadus11 is right. Updates related to premium just keep stripping the features that people paid for. Lifetime subscriptions costed hundreds of dollars at the time. It is unfair to turn their money to waste.


As a smaller clothing designer / group owner I’d just like to put this in perspective; I average around 5-30 sales per shirt if I’m lucky. I’d need 60 sales to even get my robux back. This change is destroying our smaller designers like myself who barley make anything and this change won’t allow us to upload once we run out of funding. :unamused: