Upcoming Changes To The Game Sorts & Submit New Sort Ideas!

I would have to disagree with the featured and popular games position on the games page, I think popular games needs to be on the top. But everything else I would agree with.


Could you clarify as to why you disagree with the position of the featured sort? Featured games are games that Roblox is showing off, it’s a showcase row. It makes more logical sense for it to be on the top where it can be properly treated as such.


Popular games have been on the top of the games page for a very long time, It just does not look right when popular games are lower down. It also is going to impact on response games somewhat as kids will most likely click see all on the popular games page (as its on the top) which is an endless list of games which is good for sponsored games.
Also with all the new changes to featured sort, I think it should be below featured.


Thanks for the feedback! The current goals are shared to help provide context for everyone who is providing new sort ideas. The changes planned will need to be monitored before we officially release it to the public. Hopefully this provides more insights, let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


This doesn’t seem like a good justification to keep it the way it is. The amount of time it’s been in that position is irrelevant here, we’re looking at the functionality of the featured sorts - not what’s more nostalgic.

I don’t see how this would impact clicks. Unless someone is using a bot to automatically ‘click’ all of the games in the top bar, the second row would be perfectly visible to potential new players.
Sponsored ad games would still be perfectly visible too, they’d be in the second row is all.


I suggest maybe going back to a format similar to the older formats.

Similar in format, not by the actual looks and stuff

They had the genres on the side, along with the way to sort them by when they were made.

Also there were tabs at the top, separating the Popular, Top Favorites, and Featured. This could probably be done with top paid, RTHRO, etc.

Also the games seemed to be more in a catalog format, so there were alot more games on one list.


Why haven’t we gotten genre sort back? It was doing the exact same thing that you guys are saying you’re trying to do in the post.


I don’t know what everyone thinks, but I feel like this format was actually more user friendly.


TL;DR - Tags and sorts filtered by tag.

As a player, I am not interested in most of the current sorts.

  • Popular
    • Half of these are genres / game types I don’t care about. For instance, if I don’t like simulators / tycoons / roleplaying games, I’m forced to scroll through dozens that I will never want to play and there’s no way around it.
  • Top Rated
    • Same issues as above.
  • Featured
    • Was somewhat useful, more uncommon types of games tended to show up here occasionally, but I’m not sure how that’s going to change now that featured games will be automatically determined.
  • Rthro
    • I don’t really care. It’s nice to see my avatar properly, but it’s not integral to the game. I use this sort mostly to find games that allow me to use my avatar.
  • Recommended
    • I’m not awfully interested in most of these games, and if I play something unusual, it seems to poison the results. It also includes game types I have no interest in.
  • Popular near you
    • Why do I care?
  • Top earning
    • Why do I care?

I want the ability to find games or view sorts of games that suit my current mood more than I want a random jumble of “popular” games. If I want to play simulators, minigames, roleplay, see showcases, or play sci-fi or horror games, I want to look for popular games specifically of that type.

The current sorts fail me because they run out too quickly before providing enough games that I am even potentially interested in. No person enjoys every type of game, so it makes no sense to force users to try to discover new games through sorts that do not allow the user to specify what they care about.

I want to browse sorts of games filtered by developer-specified tags (ie. horror, sci-fi, showcase, minigame, roleplay, etc). The games page would be much more interesting if I could see most popular and highest rated games under a tag, or “subscribe” to tags to see a mix of popular games that fit what I’m interested in, like a Subscriptions sort.

In short, tags would dramatically refresh the games page and offer games to users in a much more versatile and friendly manner. They would allow users to find more games they really enjoy, promoting engagement, and allow users to properly search and find diverse game experiences, instead of being spoonfed whatever is common by the current jumbled sorts.


This. We need this. (Check my post for more info)


Why? It’s very rare to see a player using an Rthro package (unless it’s free), so this will make no sense. We already have a whole section for games that support Rthro, but nobody cares about it. Rthro is just a useless feature that is used only for memes.


kind of agree, it also feels out of place for roblox


If you have any cool ideas for other tech related sorts we should include in the future please let us know.


We will be closely monitoring these changes before officially released to everyone. We want to make sure these changes positively impact our developer community.


Although I didn’t like some of the changes, I’m really glad for being able to voice our opinions. Thank you for taking what we say into consideration!


New developers with cool games need a lot of advertising to get their game community going, if it ever does at all. The featured sort used to be really cool, but the new requirements for this just shoves already somewhat popular games in our faces even more.

Overall, we need genres back and done right, and categories that bring variety to the page so we don’t see the same thing over and over in every row. Also, I love the idea of supporting new technology, but the technology adopter featuring hasn’t really brought new games that were of a good quality from what I’ve seen.


a curated “new” games sort would be nice
unless you are an existing well known developer or you get extremely lucky with sponsored ads it’s very hard to make a game and reach an audience
ideally something on the top of the page

currently there’s the featured sort, but it doesn’t update often enough to have a chance at getting a new game in it any time soon
I’ve submitted games for it that have never been featured, that ended up getting around 3k or so people at their peak advertising times
also it’s a few sorts down, which makes a huge difference in player count
top it off it has multiple pages of games but most people never go past the first page
I know a couple kids that literally only play event games (for the free stuff, then promptly leave) and whatever is on the first page of popular

I’m aware of the seasonal events thing going away and being replaced by a more frequent updated sort but I believe it was said that the games would be rotated out on a daily basis, which is abysmal
a single day is not enough time to gather any sort of long term audience, and anyone that got lucky enough to be featured on the weekend would have a major advantage so someone getting in that sort on a weekday

I would like to see a sort under or above popular with 8 or so games (no more then one page) that rotates out once a week, with a submissions page here on the dev forum
preferably with some sort of requirements like being fairly active on here, have a proper monetization setup, a functioning gameplay loop, etc etc to filter out some of the lower quality simulators and tycoons


If it weren’t for the genre sort, I would not have had any success on Roblox and I probably wouldn’t be using it to this day. My first game was really crappy, but people found it with the “RPG” sort and that’s where I met my first players. This was back in 2016 when rpgs were seeing a new uprising after a long silence. I fully wish that this sort would return some day. At the moment, setting the genre does nothing.

  1. A physics games genre for new tech related games could work? VR? Or just anything that uses relatively new games, maybe have it shuffle monthly?

  2. A static genre selection list is an absolutely terrible idea. I think user generated tags would work better. User generated tags which are commonly shared between between growing games could be suggested to players as an autofill option (while players should still be allowed to create their unique tags). Obviously there are far too many genres to pin down into a small list. This was what I majorly disliked about the previous rendition of genres. This way new keywords can be created like “single player”, “rogue”, “tower defense” , “showcase” and so on…

3. How about a section for games that won bloxy awards? It would add more meaning to them. edit: or nvm option 3, top rated works I guess


I really like this idea.

If we used a hashtag/tag system (or something similar) like what we have on the developer forum, that would be so helpful for narrowing down specific games we want to play!

take this example:

If I want to find a Wolf role playing game no how much easier would it be if the perfect wolf game for me has the tag #Wolf, #Roleplay, or #WolfRoleplay? It allows us to have ultra specific sorting which is a whole lot more efficient than simply browsing through 7-10 general categories.

Maybe we could add a website feature to search by tags?