Upcoming Changes To The Game Sorts & Submit New Sort Ideas!

In all fairness the only thing that’s really needed is a Genre filter option like we used to have.


Some thing I want to see added back is the sort by genre. We can set a genre in the games configuration but can’t actually use it when looking for games.

I used that a lot, I think it would help players find games of a type that they want to play like rpg, fps, mystery etc.

Not only that but by doing this games that may only get a little bit of players can be found more easily. And gain more player base, I feel this would help new developers games be seen on Roblox better.

Also add a option when publishing a place, so you can select “Show Case” as a sort option, would be be nice to sort by show case, to see others amazing builds, especially when there are lots that go almost unnoticed and are really well made with lots of hours put into them


While I this is a great idea, I feel like it’ll clutter up the games page more. Maybe an option to filter games this way (and other ways such as gender) from something like a drop down menu.


Honestly, I am okay with some of these changes. But I strongly agree with the genre sort being added back. Or maybe even rework the recommended sort based off genres you may have liked, or add an entire preference section for players to choose what genres that may be interested in on their profile and then the recommended sorts games based on what genres you like. I am slightly confused on how the “Recommended” sort works unless maybe it already works like this and I just don’t thumbs up enough games.

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Instead of sorting all these games for us…
could we have the options to choose back please?

The genre sorting. Recently played. My favorites. I have to take a more complicated route for the last two and the first one is gone. It would help a lot to get the belonging drop-down menus back so that I could really and intentionally change what I see.


The current sort is decent, but I miss the genre filter, it was pretty useful when you wanted to find a very specific game to play and I feel like it also helped smaller games to get more popular.


How about including featured YouTube videos about Roblox games with the game icon next to the video then people can watch and choose what to play.

Maybe when Roblox is streaming, there can also be a notification on the bottom right linking to the stream so people can watch and discover new games.


I have to agree with you, having a detection for genre of games you played would make things just more annoying I think

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Well, if that’s true, then it explains why it exists to me, even if I’m disturbed by the mixed up order every day.

Enable Players to discover new games.

Potentially a new category on the page, in which will show new games that never made it to the front page? That would be nice, Would open up an opportunity for upcoming devs. Would like to know more information on this.


All the Twitch and YouTube fans would like seeing it within easy convenience, I’m sure.


Good enough for even the average developer who doesn’t get much players to get attention and exposure.

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But nobody really configures the genre in games now.

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I would love to see genres return

ideally with some new genres too, such as racing etc

edit: didn’t see @Herickman already suggested this :frowning:


And the ones who did in the past when the filter still existed got some extra visits from having it, since people could find the game more easily.


I believe making drastic changes like this is going to majorly inconvenience many smaller developers and make it even harder for newer or up-and-coming developers to get their game off the ground, even if it’s for only very few people to see. Changing the featured sort to only be promoting the games in the top 200 for retention and time played is majorly hurting smaller developers whose games would thrive off being featured even if for a short period of time. The featured sort wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was much better in my opinion when well-made, but not necessarily popular games, were getting their spot in the limelight so that they can grow their fanbase, grow their revenue, and most importantly feel like their hard work is worth the effort. I know me being upset about the featured sort is strengthened by the fact that Flight was going to be featured but was then told of the changes and told that the only thing you guys can do for us now is promote us on the streams and social media accounts. Being on the featured sort is more valuable in my opinion as the game stays on a prominent position on the games page for a few weeks 24 hours a day. Not everyone watches the streams, not everyone watches the youtube videos, not everyone watches social media, but many more people visit the games page every day. As for “connecting players with games fostering long-term engagement” that’s just a fancier way of saying you guys are just going to keep promoting the already popular games that have people playing them a lot and for long periods of time. Again, this is hindering the development of growing games and wildly decreasing their potential as they aren’t being given a spot in the limelight. As for asking for more sorts, I have posted on the devforums multiple times suggestions about how to improve existing game sorts to promote not only popular games that make the company money, but smaller niche games that need to grow to be more profitable and get roblox more money. I would be glad to link these threads if that would be wanted.

Previous suggestions I made:

Change the Games Page [PLEASE NOTE: this thread is from 2016, please do not reply to it unless absolutely necessary]

I have other posts I have made but I would have to go way back through my reply history as they aren’t threads I created.


This actually sounds pretty promising. Now obviously with a change like this, a lot thought needs to put into it, as to make sure it doesn’t create unintended issues. But so far the ideas people are coming up with seem pretty good, and I would love for them to be implemented. Whatever the end product is, I can definitely see it being a much needed improvement to the game page.


Please add back the drop down menu,It was really useful to see my favourite games. The favourite games in my inventory is all out of wack and its just stupidly confusing to use.


As stated many times throughout the forum, and the RTC. The popular sort should remain at the top, which is a popular idea.

What could happen, which would be a happy middle groud is Players should also be able to customize their own page by dragging and dropping or even deleting entire sections from showing up, so they can choose a games page that best interests them.

To put it simply, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”, Allow this to be an optional thing, where players can change their own sort.


Here’s some issues I have with the way things are right now with the game sort (and games page in general):

  • Give upcoming games exposure. Maybe even give them a seperate tab? With the way the game tab is at the moment (May 2019), new/upcoming games are buried and are hardly discoverable. Adding a new tab/putting upcoming games on a featured sort or somesuch would improve discovery.
  • Please improve the search algorithm. Half the time I’ll search for a game by it’s exact name and it won’t even be the first result. This impacts game discovery for less popular games.
  • Please improve the algorithm for the “Recommended” row. It should be recommending similar games/games of the same genre. In order to make this row really work, developers need a way to add tags or genres to their games. At the moment developers are quite limited in their genre options from the configure game page. I would recommend a tags system, something like what youtube uses. Here’s an example : [CLOSED] Restore Genre Sort for Games Page
    This also applies to the "Because you liked <gamename>" category.
  • The order of the rows is an issue. Here’s the order that would make more sense (in my educated opinion):
  1. Featured - Featured games should be on the top. They’re featured for a reason - they’re being shown off as they are upcoming/well done games. These are the games Roblox is showing off. It wouldn’t make any sense to have them lower down!
  2. Popular - Popular is fine where it is, except it should be in the second row under featured.
  3. Top rated - Again, top rated is fine where it is, it would simply be bumped down a row due to Featured being 1st.
  4. Recommended - This category can be great for exposure if the algorithm were improved. This is the equivalent to finding cool new songs on youtube, you listen to a song you like and youtube’s recommendation panel comes up with similar songs/music in the same genre. This could benefit from a custom tags system/more developer controlled genre system.
  5. Because you liked <GameName>. Also another great way of exposing games in the same genre. If you’re launching a game with a targeted audience (roleplayers, scifi lovers, etc), this row is your friend. Again, this could benefit from a custom tags system/more developer controlled genre system.
  6. Top earning - In my opinion I think the amount a game makes in revenue should have minimal bearing on a game’s discoverability, so it’s fine on the bottom as it is right now.