Upcoming Changes To The Game Sorts & Submit New Sort Ideas!

The Games page is a centerpiece of attraction on the Roblox platform: every Robloxian visits this page in search of experiences that will connect them with millions of players across the globe. Roblox’s goal is to continue making it easier to discover great games. In order to achieve this goal, we will soon be testing a variety of algorithmic game sorts. After this test, we intend to roll the most effective sorts out to everybody, and test more new sorts over time, including ideas that come from the community.

You can see the current structure of the Games sort here. These sorts vary depending on whether or not you are logged into an account.

The current company goals for new game sorts can be found below. We’re sharing this information to give you an idea of what types of new sorts would align with our vision.

  • Connect players with games fostering long-term engagement.
  • Enable players to discover new games.
  • Support a diverse set of game experiences.
  • Incentivize developer adoption of new technology
    • Rthro and more! Tell us which ones you would like to see.
  • Allow new developers to gain exposure to wider audiences.

Format for replying with your new sort ideas:

  • Try Something New!
  • 200 Player Server Games!
  • More information about your sort idea & any other feedback.

We will consider your feedback and ensure that any changes to our goals and plans regarding these new sorts are communicated to the developer community. We’d love to hear your feedback on what sorts you would like to see added! Share your ideas by replying to this topic.


I don’t understand what this mean’s these are really vague goals, but it sounds like good progress! :yum:
I hope we get better explanations of what those changes are gonna be.

Can we please get genre sorts back, they are very much needed for exposure on lesser known games!


I really hope that the popular sort stays at the top. Other than that this sounds great!


The goals sound what I would expect the game page to already do, however they’re all great points and I support them all


What is planned for the featured tab, now that it’s completely different from its original intended purpose? Will anything replace it?


Roblox should be very careful when touching these algorithms, one wrong choice and a lot of money may be lost to tons of devs. I hope the changes dont have too many drawbacks to them.


We’ve needed a better sort for a long time, but when you release these changes for the algorithm will you make a public post and notify the developers here about it so we can adjust.

Will the popular pages and etc… continue to be the same in design, having popular first and will it be age based + platform + genre…? Will we get more inner categories like “horror” (there were but got removed) and etc…

Also, will the old tabs for things like “recently played” and “favorites” come back to the main page…?


I’m not very fond of what’s gonna happen next, in fact, I must have lot half of my audience due to the game sort now depending on player’s ages.

(Not saying this is so bad that it shouldn’t exist, just my opinion)


I must ask, why Rthro. Basically only 10% of the community use of it if I’m not mistaken. Also most developers only promote it so they can be on the games page.

EDIT: This post was originally made because of this…


True. Since the first release I saw it’s flaws.


How drastically would the algorithms be changed, as this could effect a lot of the current developers on the game sort right now.


Not to make this a rude/hateful comment that would get flagged but I just like to say it’s probably just them (aka Roblox) shoving it in our faces again.


I believe that the points made in the original post are great and align with many players’ best interests of the game sort, however I’m wondering, will there be a list for all games sorted by players based on raw statistics again?

Right now the popular sort looks like this,

with the player count being mixed up (Adopt Me has the most players on the list but is in 6th position), with some smaller numbers ahead of the others. Call me weird, but I would like to see a sort that’s based on statistics again. It could also help developers as then they could see what currently interests the entire community instead of having biases based on your age (and gender?) (or region).

EDIT: Thanks to @madattak for specifying, the sort might be region based.


I think they’re mixed up so that the most popular games aren’t always in the same position, which increases the chance of discovery for some other games


All sounds good. I’d also like to see genre sorting added back in.


Connect players with games fostering long-term engagement

Ah so promoting already popular games to screw over the up-and-coming developers yet again I see.


Currently, some/most of the games you see on the front page aren’t games that me (or someone my age) would enjoy. To fix this, I propose a sort called “Players Your Age Liked”. This would insure that older audiences coming to Roblox for the first time and long-time players will get to find games suited towards a more mature audience, instead of finding things like “Adopt Me” and “Meep City” which playerbase is mainly comprised of younger players. Please correct me on that if I am wrong.


The overall idea to rework the game page is nice, although I’d rather see an older idea brought back where users could filter based on the genre they like, war rpg etc. As for the Rthro aspect I feel it’s a pointless thing to keep up as stated by others above most developers use it just to get on the game page, rthro is used from my eyes as a way to troll rather than make the player look different, but that is my outlook everyone has their own. But I do strongly thing the genre filter options should be added back as it helps players find games THEY want to find, not games that are always on front page that have been played a number of times. Nonetheless it is great to see changes done to this!


Hey folks,

We appreciate your feedback but please keep the subject on topic. If you have a great idea for a new sort to share with us please reply with it.


And it should be based on the popularity of the people that are in my age range. (I don’t know if that’s what you meant, if it is then whoops, my bad.)