Upcoming changes to the Public Roblox Forum

Roblox should be more lenient with offsite links with the bulletin board then.


The reason they’re banned on the site is still relevant on public devforum threads. There should be no need to link common ones like Google Docs/Imgur since Discourse supports a lot more functionality than the Roblox forums.


Does this mean that people can not be banned for forum posts from ten years ago anymore?


Welp, forums are gone now.

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Not quite yet, but as of next monday - yes. You can still access and post on the forums at this point in time.

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Unfortunately this new section is only available for basic members+ and not available to everyone with login access as it can easily be abused and spammed. Please feel free to create new topics in this section on behalf of others.


Doesn’t bother me as much, never used the forums nor did I need it. Yet again I feel like it was right to remove it due to the amount of things that have been happening. Not to mention that the environment in the forums wasn’t really good.

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I honestly think this is a terrible move as the forums were a great way for large communication with people you may not know. While there are other websites and platforms people can use to communicate, Roblox blocks them which puts them out of the question of being used as communication.

There are also numerous problems with Roblox features, such as groups, messaging, and feeds, which make them almost impossible to use to communicate.


  1. NBC members are limited to only five groups
  2. Group walls are not live meaning you have to constantly refresh the page to see if anyone said anything


  1. Feed does not automatically load older statuses when you scroll down
  2. You cannot simply follow someone and see their status updates in your feed
  3. The feed is put all the way at the bottom of the page meaning a lot of people just completely miss out on seeing it


  1. Old messages cannot be completely deleted causing archives to fill up
  2. A new message is created for each response
  3. You cannot search for messages from specific players

So with moderators having more time on their hands… We can expect significantly greater speeds on icons/thumbnails/audio/any other moderated assets, right?


Some forums are great while others are pointless and should be removed.

I tend to use old and new scripting forums A LOT when looking up how to to script specific items that the wiki cannot explain to me. I feel like removing the scripting forum will make it harder for people to learn how to script.

The clans and guides could go but I think there needs to be a substitute for it as a new group feature like a group forum or Announcements/News. Almost EVERY active group that has quite a few members use the clans and guides to post guides on how to progress in that certain group and information about that group that cannot be summarized in the group description.

Below is a rough idea of what is actually useful to Roblox and what is basically pointless spam (My opinion)


I don’t like it but I can’t argue against it… So long, bad memes and old memories.


I’m interested to see how this will affect things.


I wonder if the removal of the forums had something to do with people getting banned for super old posts. Maybe every post was scanned one last time to make sure nobody got away with whatever rule they may have violated in the past.

Probably not. I won’t miss the forums though. People always being toxic, full of themselves, sending passive aggressive responses, etc. It makes it hard to symphatize.


This is terrible. Doesn’t feel like there’s a community anymore. And you’re deleting a decade of history. Some of it fluff, some of it actual useful things like scripting forum posts. Tons of the people who liked this “update” had nothing invested in forums anyway.


I agree with this change. The forums are just a dump for casual talk and slapdash controversy. People have many ways of interacting, especially through external communications, in-game chatting, PMs, group walls. I do agree with @Polymorphic though, we need an overhaul for ROBLOX groups because the current system is obsolete.

(Also, I already see users trying to create their own version of the ROBLOX forums… Prepare for off-site hysteria :joy:)


There is already an off-site forum with more than 70 users. This happened faster than I expected. :neutral_face:


Since this post is public and we’re going to mention unofficial forums i should probably throw this in here as well.

Don’t share any personal information, and if you register, don’t use the same password as your roblox account. You don’t want to lose both the forums and all of your robux.


I have a lot of bookmarks for obscure scripting related stuff I found on the forums, plus when I search how to do stuff the forums are like 9/10 times the best source. These are going to be completely deleted?


Most of these forums are actually allowing verification through a token on your profile somewhere, linking your ROBLOX account. I don’t think anybody is gonna have to “create account” but it’s still wonky.

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True, but people with bad intentions will take any chance they can get.