Upcoming changes to the Public Roblox Forum

At the moment Roblox even censors ‘Well’ at the start of a sentence. Forums might not go hand in hand there.


We all knew it was going to happen eventually. Its fine imo, I never found it necessary to use the forums and I Roblox can live without them.


May those forums rot.


I think we all saw this coming, I personally only ever used the scripting portion of the forums so it doesn’t really affect me, hopefully they’ll review it overtime and update the software and use something like discourse like @Semaphorism was talking about.


Part of me really likes this direction, and another part of me doesn’t. Me being a user since 2008 I can say that the ROBLOX forums served an amazing purpose back in the day. It was a huge communication HUB to connect yourself with the entire ROBLOX community.

When ROBLOX decided to add groups around 2009-2010, it changed ROBLOX for me. If it wasn’t for clans, I don’t think I would be on ROBLOX to this day. Clans became like a family for me, and anyone who’ve been in a clan knows’s the experience. It’s what inspired me to keep working on ROBLOX and to really expand my mind with new innovative ideas to keep pushing the community forward. I’ve met tons of people over the years who I became great friends with and still talk with to this day. And since I was involved in a Military themed group, it taught many good principles such as Maturity, Discipline, Honor, Respect, Loyalty, Teamwork It really made such a simple game at the time, feel like something special, something that you would never find or experience on any other platform. It really became a big part of my childhood, and the memories will never be forgotten.

It’s sad to see how ROBLOX is really disconnecting itself more and more from the C&G community, and I think the removal of these forums will not only take a big hit on clans and groups but the entire ROBLOX community. I just hope that ROBLOX still supports the non-developers in the community as well, making sure they still have a voice to be heard. With issues such as Technical problems, and so forth.

Overall I’m okay with the change if they do things properly. I do greatly appreciate how this platform is becoming more and more comfortable around us Developers. As it’s constantly improving for the better.

Just please show some love to Clans/Groups, cause they’re still a very BIG part of this platform.


Never thought I’d see the day. Its quite the trip going through the forums, which are now frozen in time, right now and seeing just how much history is packed into them.



Couple of funny things I happened to bookmark.

I’m not sure how to feel about the forums being removed so suddenly though, this could create a problem for the thousands of users that currently call the forums home.


I would just like to comment that it will be really sad to lose all that easily googleable scripting help from the scripting forums.


There’s always scriptinghelpers.org.
Somewhat inactive, but there’s a large archive of past questions there.


While I am keen on the idea of removing it, PLEASE keep it archived. I’ve got so much help from there, just reading old threads from a Google search


You are correct. It’s a temporary solution, so it’s not ideal, but it helps alleviate the negative effects of the change for the time being.


forums were a bad place for me to showcase my work because i posted my work on the forums and trolls dislike bombed my showcases for a few months


When I have a problem usually the forums you know… has the answer.

Anyways - because you guys obviously want to point out for people to make their own groups for further discussion:


It would be a real fine time to make this more you know… free to do?


Can I get an official word on the usage of “Trello?”

I would love to use trello links in my forums under #bulletin-board but I’m not sure whether it will be allowed or not. My group uses trello for multiple reasons, including, but not limited to, recording who owns what, bans, etc.


Probably for the best tbh.

Rip forums: you will be missed…but only for the memes people made thanks to the people who used you.
[Whatever year this thing was made] - 2017


It’s not officially allowed on the ROBLOX site, so it probably wouldn’t be allowed here.


Then again, the devforums can only be posted by certain members, whereas the forums were open to the public for posting.


The discord link closing and this within the same range is unfortunate.
Most people won’t have a place to go.
Which is maybe good news because we might have information about the new group update, at least!

Though directly on this topic, an environment doesn’t need to be positive to entertain people. If people are to indulge in the forums and as a result continually play your game then let them be. It’s not as if your average newbie is going on to C&G and getting into a flame-war or going on LMaD and talking about how to bot the next item, anyways.



I know the community in a few subforums were somewhat “toxic” but that’s that’s what I enjoyed about it. OT was like a mini-4chan

The forums were also a good place to put large amounts of text (generally in locked posts) that wouldn’t fit in a description box, such as rules for groups, a changelog, asking for suggestions for a game, etc.


Honestly, removing the scripting forums and technical support forums is a bad idea.

There have been many times when I’ve gotten stuck on a cryptic ROBLOX error message, or wanted to know how to implement a certain algorithm in a ROBLOX context, I would google the problem and often find my answer in the forums.

Problem solved in 3 minutes after a bit of searching on google and clicking on a forum post.

Now with the forums being removed, I’ll have to rely on these forums to search for threads containing the same questions that I have.

This isn’t that big of a deal for developers who are members of these forums, but what about people who are just getting started, or people without full access to the developer forums? It’ll be much harder for them to find specific answers to the questions they might have.

Secondly, if I’m having an issue with ROBLOX or experiencing any weird bugs, I’ve often found out their causes in the technical support forums.

Removing these two resources (scripting and tech support forums) will be a large inconvenience for developers and a major blow to those who are new to this platform.


I kinda wish that we had a good Stack Overflow community for scripting.