Upcoming changes to the Public Roblox Forum

If they don’t remedy this, it’s actually very much to their own detriment

No platform for the userbase to grow investment in Roblox as a whole? Whole userbase turns into a volatile group of children who will leave as quickly as they come.


It really makes me sad to see that they’re removing it. I wish they atleast archived the scripting helpers part. The forums is where I learned most of my coding as a new member… Whenever I had issues, I simply googled in hope to find something similar to my problem and I usually always found some old/new topics that solved my issues. I know a lot of other developers have done/are doing this, it will be a huge blow to all new/current devs as so many resources are being thrown away…

Now, I know that https://scriptinghelpers.org/ also exists, but it’s definitely nowhere as active/full of resources as the forums. :worried:


I am going to have a hard time when it comes to to learning new aspects of scripting I never really knew how to CFrame without scripting forums…


I mean, consider this. The DevForum was created a few years back to cultivate the development community specifically, and it’s grown like crazy over its lifetime. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Lentzified, you gun making fool, there won’t be any way for new developers to collaborate!” With the new updates announced by NightgladedId in early November, I think that the Basic User and Member ranks are going to very effectively help beginner developers with expanding their horizons, while providing the type of moderation needed to keep it, well, not like the Public Forums.


I don’t like this at all, how do groups make their rules, information, etc.? We’re going to be forced to use offsite links to like twitter to have our group information, policies, laws, war declarations, etc… It’s not a good idea, 100% removing it isn’t cool, there has to be an alternative.


I don’t think you’ve read through this entirely. There’s the bulletin board here on the forums for that purpose.


I’d like to hear what Roblox’s plans are for a good alternative. “Sometime next year” doesn’t mean much because that’s a ton of time and we all know how stuff just doesn’t get done or gets delayed. And this is really something that should not be delayed. The forums are a massive part of roblox. As @Aurarus stated, it’s a vital bridge between casually playing a game and starting to become someone that makes a game.


I found something on reddit where a whole community of people are attempting to archive the whole entire forum or at least the useful parts of it.


Pretty much my thoughts exactly, my main scepticism about this update remains to be this line from the pinned post on the forums:
“This coming year, we’ll be investigating options to re-build forums that better serve you, our community, and our goals in providing a safe and constructive environment.”

Call me cynical, but that line just screams of damage control to me; An empty commitment to try and appease those not convinced by the update. I realize that sounds a little dramatic but consider that this sort of thing has been done several times in the past, a good example of this was the removal of tickets (Which by the way is an update I was completely fine with) : NBC users were promised alternative incentives for logging in such as milestone rewards, yet that never saw the light of day…

So if anything, I’m yet to be convinced we’ll have a proper solution to this other than the already provided sledgehammer tactics. There’s no denying that the Roblox forums harboured some of the worst of the community, but that also doesn’t deny that the forums served a significant function for users. I also don’t really agree with this mentality some have that “oh we have the dev forums so it’s fine” because the perks that come from a forum environment like this should be seen as a basic necessity for users and not a privilege that needs to be granted.


The public forum is now closed.


So… has all of the data been deleted? Or just archived?


We don’t have anything that’s accessible. At this time the forum is completely closed.

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The goal of this was to stop kids going offsite and protect/keeps kids safe (I’m a 50:50, nice forums are going but why because good threads) but the irony is now that someone already made a ROBLOX forums site, away from the ROBLOX site which anyone can get to or find easily thus sending them away from official ROBLOXia and into a area of uncertainty and potential un-safe exposure or dangerous encounters. :thinking:

I’m just :thinking: this one through and I still would of re-vamped the forums I completely agree with that but I don’t think that removing the forums outright was a good solution.


UPDATE: The forums are now closed.

Following this, a number of updates were added.

  1. https://forum.roblox.com/forum/ now redirects to Roblox, showing this page:

  1. Forum post count has been removed from profiles:

  1. Forum button has been removed from the sidebar:

Hopefully we get the group revamp pretty soon, that might include a group forum. (and maybe a trade page revamp where people can suggest offers, much like rolimons.)


Can confirm, there’s a flourishing offsite forum–and what’s ironic is that the conversation there is even more civil than it was on the site.


Phew never thought I’d see this day. Finally.


It’s pretty clear Roblox is trying to push aside it’s social aspect, and just focus on games, development, and sponsors.

Every single social aspect of the site is either a hassle to get to, hard to use because of excessive filters, or just extremely outdated.

And, there’s even less and less reasons to actually participate on the site, with more statistics being removed, and the badges being neglected, I don’t see many users actually interacting with the site in the future.

Hopefully something is done about this soon, not 1-3 years soon, 6-12 months soon. Too many features have been removed in such a short time leaving us with little to no social interaction with others via the site.

As for the closing of the forums in general, I quit using them 2+ years ago, the only side-affect it’ll have on me now is group related things. (I understand #bulletin-board exist. But it is not a permanent fix. Nor viable in the long run.)


Pretty cool change to the public roblox forum!


You will be missed - Roblox forums. 2005-2017

In all seriousness, this was probably needed. There was no way any positive discussion was going to come out of there given the people that used it.