Upcoming changes to the Public Roblox Forum

You mean unlisted threads? That does sound like a decent substitute…


What about clan forum threads that are informative?
For example, I have these three threads for my group and the amount of information they provide wouldn’t be possible to put in the blurb. Also, posting them somewhere else and then linking them wouldn’t be a solution because they wouldn’t be roblox links.

【Rules & Promotions】:
【Becoming a High Rank & High Rank Rules】:
【Branches (JSOC and Vehicle Crew)】:


Same here. My group consists around hosting game shows and now I don’t know where to put the rules or the guides.


While I don’t want to see it go since I’ve been on it basically every day for the last 2 years, I fully see that this was necessary and was the only option. It’s kinda weird how this is happening on my Birthday though. o.o


UPDATE: There’s now a category to post group information! :smiley:


Thank you to everyone who has shared their feedback with us so far. Our teams are collecting this feedback and taking it into account. We understand this is not a great situation, however it was critical to address the abuse in the public forums.

As of recently we have been looking into multiple options to improve group functionality in the future. The goal is to empower community building as we go forward using groups. We understand the social element of Roblox is important for our developers as it helps you create a fully social community.

For now the alternative to discuss development would be the Roblox Developer Forum . If you know of any friends who are interested in joining the forum please share this link with them.

Our team has created another alternative for anyone with the role set basic member and above to inform your group communities about any new updates.


Personally rather supportive of the removal of the forum. After seeing how much of a mess it can be, it should honestly just stay closed. However, I do agree with others that a revamp is in order if you wish for groups to replace the forum. A few major ones being…

  • Some sort of spam filter, the amount of abuse groups can get is ridiculous, especially when users need to make bots to handle larger groups.

  • Multiple sections for posting. Ironically the best way to describe it would be a sort of mini-forum. Thankfully, it would be better divided, and allow for users to delete smaller bits of spam which aren’t from bots, along with more offensive posts, while at the same time reporting them.

  • Removing the group limit, or at least increasing it massively like what was done with places. This limit hurts both the suggestion of going to groups instead of the forum, and developers, and should be removed. I’m sure many can agree that this limit has hindered developers who just don’t have the group space, requiring them to leave old groups to join new ones. This really hurts when recurring group payouts are involved, leaving devs with no choice really but to buy Builder’s Club just for the group slots.


This is one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.
I’m gonna be blunt.

We believe the Roblox public forums are no longer capable of providing a positive environment and have been proven to be prone to excessive abuse.

  1. Hello? Moderators? Anyone?
  2. There’s been cases of players being warned or even banned for a post made… 6 years ago.
    Good job?
  3. Filtering and “recent changes” [cough] removal of subforums [cough] made “good” people leave them.
    No doubt they are being filled with the worst scum on this website.

Groups will continue to serve as a platform for information sharing, collaboration, and conversations on a variety of topics, interests, and teams

  1. Let’s join a group!
  2. Okay, I found some group. Maybe I could talk to other peo-

    …oh. [2]

It only encourages players to go to Discord. Oh wait… You were against it. Irony.
It DOESN’T make it SAFE. It only encourages people to FIND WORSE ALTERNATIVES.

Best option would be starting forums all over, rise them from the ashes.
EDIT: I noticed they plan it, but I don’t think disabling would help at all. What if the “new” forums will have issues too?
Best option could be keeping them, but not disabling them untill the new version comes out.


They are considering this, read the bottom paragraph of this post:


Can things such as game rules go here? Any specific topics only?


personally, i’d rather see it be increased than removed, because unlimited group space would be kinda hectic


Yup anything that informs community can go into the bulletin board.


Removed was some bad wording. At least a large limit would be nice, such as how places got bumped up to 200. A large number, but not impossible to reach if really needed.


It wont let me create a new topic though, is this an issue?

EDIT: works now


Thanks for letting me know. I edited my post a bit.


The bulletin board is a rushed solution that is only for members of the dev forums.


I believe that is the point of it–it’s just a placeholder for an eventual higher-quality fix and replacement.


I am very happy about this change. Now at least users will be able to seek proper communication tools instead of being hindered constantly in a barely functioning system that’s been outdated since 2010.

I think we should do the same to in-game chat as soon as humanly possible.


Can we post information regarding communities we do not own/where the owner is NOT a DevForum member but are well integrated and active in said community?


How is it a placeholder for the average Roblox community member?