Upcoming Platform-wide native DXT textures for Windows Clients Experiment

Hello Developers,

In 2018, we introduced functionality to request native ETC textures from games on mobile clients (primarily iOS and Android). The native ETC textures use 50 - 70% less memory than PNG textures on mobile devices.

Based on the success of that effort, we are now introducing functionality to request native DXT textures from games on Windows clients which will reduce the memory used by your games by up to 50% and should allow your games to be played on older hardware without causing crashes due to “Out of Memory” errors.

As we tweak the quality of the textures generated we are looking for developers to volunteer their games to take advantage of this new format. You will not need to make any changes to your games to enable this feature.

If your game uses a lot of images and you would like to volunteer your game to use native DXT textures when it is played in Windows Clients please provide reply to this post with the Place ID.

The feedback we’d like from you once we enable native DXT textures for your games:

  1. Do your images load slower on Windows clients than iOS and Android?
  2. Is the image quality acceptable? Is there increased blurriness or image does not render correctly?
  3. Do the images appear blurry in Studio?

Let us know in the comments below! Thanks!


I’d like to volunteer! Blox is pretty much 100% textures, mostly 1024x1024, and it’s on the more intensive side of things, so consider this a stress test.

The place ID is 687531143:

(and if you’re wondering exactly how many textures I use…)



My game uses a lot of textures and it runs with high memory usage, this would be very beneficial for gameplay!

Place ID: 5232896677


Can we get more information on how this works? Does it down scale the images? Will better performing devices have higher quality textures?


My team would like to include our project in this. We use a ton of high resolution textures, as well as PBR textures, so we’d like to experiment with the impact this would have as memory usage on textures is high in our game.


Place Id: 5455689630



We need this! Developers should be able to upload 4k textures that look great on high-end devices, but can still be streamed at a lower resolution for low-end devices, especially for PBR textures. It would be great if an object’s size on screen factored into this as well, and really great if 16 bit 8k+ textures can be supported for detailed high-dynamic-range skyboxes for ambient lighting.

Imagine if Netflix had a fixed video quality without taking bandwidth and display resolution into account. Great online experiences need great streaming solutions.


Quick thing but will this also be on the roblox client for the website or just Microsoft store edition?


Not sure if this feature covers our use-case as our biggest texture memory hog is humanoid composite textures, but we’d like for this feature to be enabled on these places: 2931346716, 4655716922


Club Roblox: 3457390032

Our user base is predominantly low end device types, so would be keen to see the impact of this work.



Dawn of Aurora [ALPHA]

Our game uses a lot of textures, this sounds like it would help a lot.


I’d like my game to be registered: 1581113210

Thank you! This will make a massive difference.

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We’d be happy to test this out.

Our entire game utilises custom textures & meshes so it’ll be interesting seeing the difference in quality and the performance impact.

Game ID: 4011063766



Game Id: 2866967438

We would like to test the optimizations due to our crash rates for mobile devices, this is often due to the texture sizes using memory.


4742915076 ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

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I would like to volunteer. My game has and will continue to make extensive use of textures for characters, having this feature would be very helpful in broadening our gates to lower end mobile devices.

Place ID: 2261279727


I’d be happy to test this out! A large portion of my player-base are using mobile devices and often crash due to high memory usage.

Game Id: 242876658

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Quite interested to see how this performs with my game,


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My games uses lots of textures for effects, this would benefit a lot.
Place ID: 3978370137

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