Upcoming Underwater Lighting Improvements

This is pretty cool, but what about water reflections? It would seem more realistic if the ground could reflect the water and make the ripple effect as shown here:


Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t you maybe make a GIF and use the texture feature shown in this article to make that sort of reflection? I think it could work, however, I have never tried this.

None the less, if ROBLOX did add a feature so you didn’t have to go through that process, that would most certainly be a good idea.


This is a very nice improvement but reading the comments I see there are some complaints about it. What I’m really waiting for is for water terrain to be entirely separated from smooth terrain as they collide together in a broken way. (Aka when you try to make smooth shores of an island but the water makes it jaggy.

Nonetheless good that water terrain is getting some attention.


I’ve been trying to push this and have made several people aware that the limit of 1 is not enough. Being a well established and popular game that relies on underwater graphics I’m disappointed this hasn’t been implemented yet.

This (I assume) simple change will improve gameplay so much. A Transparency parameter of 1 that doesn’t provide 1 transparency doesn’t make any sense, and a transparency value of 0 glitches the underwater fog so there is no fog unless your camera is face to face with an object.


Could I check if the update has been tested in SharkBite yet?


That would be cool update for games. But we really want to make the water clear so we can see better!

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I could definitely see myself using this feature. I can see a bunch of horror games using this to make underwater segments to frighten the player.


OMG yes, this is what I wanted in my childhood, now subwater based games will be more realistics. Still, I am a little bit sad because if developers would have the full controll about terrain, then it would be better for us, but after I read the reason behind this I understand better. I am sad, but it still is a very good update.


Both are 2 different things. What you are showing are animations using one single umage, in other words 2D animations, but what @Nistrict want is the ability to distord the camera for adding reflections (or adding reflections to the water surface). You are showing 2D animations, but this are camera effects + Terrain modifications, and we already are very limited with terrain.


Ah alright, thank you for informing me.


Ohhh okay, thank you for asking first. Looks great btw, nice job and welcome to Roblox!


This looks SICKKK now wait for screen space reflections :flushed: those will make all games amazing

I have tested it a week or ago or so, and I waited for a night cycle. I didn’t see anything objectionable, but that’s subjective.


This looks amazing! When it releases I really want to try it out and see how it works.

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I can see water/fog interaction opening up new possibilities, such as disturbed sediments, otherworldly ecosystems, or sublimation from extreme cold.

Speaking of which, it’s been nine years since fog was first introduced, and there’s still no way to toggle it off completely. Is there a technical reason behind that (i.e. limitations within the rendering engine)?

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Just a heads up to everyone asking for the water ripple based lighting: Doing this effect physically accurately in real time is basically impossible, and even making a clever fake effect that looks similar is quite challenging, something that usually requires careful design for the particular scene in question. If you’re interested to read further: “Caustics” is the name for that kind of lighting effect.

So, don’t get your hopes up for that feature.


Water is basically unusable, due to it being a single flat plane and the physical vs visual counterpart not adding up. On top of this, there’s no way to get the wave height. With that being said ripples with lighting wouldn’t make any sense when you think about the previous two counterbalances.

It is nice to see water getting some love though. Any plans to fix the visual and physical issues?


Ah, thank you for making it clearer. It seemed possible, but guess not.:thinking:

He hey boi. Gonna make scary games and some otherer wayyy cooler now.

I second this. Having an option to enable water caustics would be amazing, but it’s a bit off-topic for this thread.