Upcoming Underwater Lighting Improvements

This looks really cool! However it still won’t make me use roblox terrain beacuse limitations every time i was using roblox terrain i needed more color (Like different shades of grass) and selection where i want grass texture and where not.

I can see how this can make the water look better and nicer. I’m looking forward to what people can do with this new update! :grin:

and me thinking they were going to add volumetric lighting for the water lol


The reply’s a bit late but anyway:

The problem is when you have big waves. Region3s become really inaccurate, and even Roblox itself sometimes wronfully detects you’re underwater when the wave isn’t touching the camera.

It would be nice if they improved the system and made it available to all developers :+1:


Hey @TigerRabbit2,

Did it get pushed out? I beg of you, make it possible to turn it off! It looks absolutely terrible in some cases. I was working on a commission when I see this:

This looks nothing like what I expected. Please revert or make it toggleable!

This looks amazing, this is a huge upgrade to terrain water! Now I’m just hoping the Roblox staff will increase the 3D resolution of Terrain, since more devices could handle that now, and it would improve Terrain transitions smoother, and it would make the rest of Terrain smoother, and it would open the door for smaller brush sizes.


Did you happen to select a really dark water color by any chance? It seems from the screenshot that it is quite light outside, while the color is quite dark… this is usually a problem with the Terrain → Appearance → Water Color being set really dark and then the extra modulation of the time of day that got added makes it slightly darker.

Can you perhaps make the water color a little lighter?

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The color is the following:

While making it less dark slightly fixes the issue, I feel that isn’t a viable solution as it doesn’t look good now that the water color is lighter.

Can you also give the time of day?

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It’s at 14:00:00. I can DM you the place file if that helps.

Please send me the place file.

FWIW I just tested it in the default Pirate scene and I’m seeing a multiply by 1,1,1… or in other words, with the flag on or off, it behaves the same. But it could be that you have some other settings which somehow make the value with the flag on darker.


Wow, that’ll be amazing for detail in games that have water. :+1:

I have a question, will there be undersea grass? @TigerRabbit2

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It would be really nice and as well as very realistic to see this little detail be implemented

will be able to disable or at least turn down water fog soon?


The parameters for changing the water fog range, etc, are the same as before. The color is automatically modulated by time of day and that won’t change.

If you are referring to what other people have asked about for the range of the fog. I’ve added a ticket to add better support to control the range of the fog to our todo list, but no promises as to when this will be worked on.


I’m seeing big talk about adding underwater rays as a lighting improvement to water,


Which I have came up with ways Roblox Staff could add them in without having to add a lot of new assets and objects, but by reusing things already available.
The Sun Rays property is essentially where you look at or near the sun, it has rays of light surrounding an object that is casting a shadow or blocking the view of the sun.

To achieve the effect of underwater rays, we need something that has these properties:

  • Is invisible
  • Blocks sun rays but doesn’t obscure sunlight/doesn’t cast shadows.
  • Moves with the speed of the water to create moving rays (Not needed but highly recommended.)
  • Cannot be interacted with (obviously)

The way to add this it to add objects similar to terrain grass to create the underwater rays. Terrain grass as seen in the video below does a pretty good job at creating that effect.

As a plus, the grass movement gives that shimmer effect that underwater rays have. If you wanted to go further, you could add a non-PBR moving texture of underwater rays being refracted onto whatever terrain/part/model is underneath. (Wouldn’t recommend adding it to parts or models by default [or at all], because developers can just add an overlay texture themselves.)

EDIT: I just realized the video link expired so here’s some other videos:



I think I might’ve found a solution:

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But somehow someone made a shaders that do similar thing in unreal engine, however not physically accurate but it still looks really nice. But I do understand this can be difficult to implement.

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You know what would be cool? Underwater sun rays that go through the water depending on its transparency level and actually casts light on the ground (If it’s not too deep)
What do you think?