[update] Autocomplete for properties - Roact and Fusion

a cool lil plugin that might improve your workflow :happy3:


this plugin won’t add any buttons to the plugins tab so dont worry about wasting space for other useful plugins!


How to use

Plugin will suggest properties of “Part” when you type between these 2 comments

-- ScreenGui
-- type here

Parent = player.PlayerGui

turns out one of the if statements in the code was completely useless and was breaking things… whoops! this should be the last update I ever make to this plugin

the download link is updated.

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Here, uploaded it for you :slight_smile:

EDIT: The OP has uploaded it so this is redundant

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Big Update

  • Plugin can now detect code blocks, which means you don’t have to write a second comment to stop the plugin from suggesting properties in other code blocks

  • Plugin will now give you a code sample + the type of the property

I was able to set my Roblox account to a friend’s phone number so now I can publish the plugin to the marketplace :smile:

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