[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Thank you for responding to the criticism of this update.
However, I feel as if 6 seconds is a bit too short. I use multiple sound effects that are over 6 seconds but under 10-15 seconds. It would be nice if the limit was increased to 10-15 seconds for longer SFX or SFX that are a bit over 6 seconds.


Well I guess this all does make since now. I seriously hope that a lot of sound fx are reuploaded.


Despite all of the controversy, I truly believe Roblox will be stronger for it after every phase has been rolled out. In the short term there will be disruptions and frustrations, but in the long run this will be a debilitating blow to thieves and exploiters. Just have to see these changes for what they are: incremental. Can’t overhaul every asset type at once without catastrophic malfunctions! Audio first was a wise decision.


This doesn’t really change anything that much, sure, group games are slightly better off now, but still, every other non-group game will suffer the changes.


I know this could be challenging, but maybe there could be a way to scan all audio for chords and beats to try to differentiate songs from SFX over 6 seconds.


The plan is to eventually allow this, but as mentioned in the FAQ on the original post this won’t be possible yet immediately after the 22nd. The most you’ll be able to do for now (once the Configure Item page is updated) is grant permission to specific universes but not a blanket public permission.


I am quite curious about this myself as I have the 2000 upload limit.

Things I have on my account

  • ID Verification
  • $5 Premium
  • Opt-In Beta Program

Thank you for the update, though I still believe this’ll break a TON of stuff on the platform. So, uh, yeah, might still leave the platform altogether despite this.

I understand what you’re trying to change, but seriously, don’t kill the audio library over a suit you should absolutely be able to pay. (Yes, I’m bringing that into this.)

Also the survey isn’t working:


@uglyburger0 Now you won’t have to switch SCP 3008 to your personal profile.


This is a huge relief, and actually solves the biggest problem I had with the upcoming change. It will singlehandedly make the transition a lot smoother for a lot of us. Thanks so much to the people working to make this happen.


Thanks for your response. But maybe for unprivating audios, make it have a requirement? The requirement should be something that isn’t overlycomplex nor requiring to have your user to be picked out of a hat.


@tnavarts Can you confirm or deny if this is possible?


Are private assets different from offsale assets? I’ve been using many offsale audios and I want to know if I have to replace them or not.


This update is already much better than it was only a few days ago!

I would like to know if the Audio Discovery plugin will give the “all clear” on audio that’s been excluded from the update (in terms of being private) via the SFX team?


Yes, private assets is basically archiving them while offsale are audios unable to be bought.


any plans to add some real music, not monstercat “audio”?


Please add the abillity to link licenses to audio.
A lot of free use audio includes a license that MUST be distributed WITH the audio, without this licensees cannot license audio, and they also cannot prove that they own the license to roblox staff.
This is a necessary addition if you wish to make audio private, i want to be able to prove we can use our audio for our purposes, but cannot, and several audio we have uploaded have been taken down because no one bothered to check if we had the license to use it, despite being completely within our right to use it.

A key example of this is rhythm game focused EDM music, which is generally availible for public usage for non commercial use, I.E maps for rhythm games like OSU, geometry dash or our game TRIA.os.
Without being able to show the license, we cannot prove that the audio is free to use for our purposes in our game.


They should pay for some of the songs played at roblox events. This, would be an amazing change.


As I’ve said in the last thread, we are in desperate need of an improved audio library and asset search filter system:


You should broaden your definition of ‘creators’. We’re not just talking about the creator of the sound file, it means protecting the Artist’s rights. (you know, mainstream music artists).

The people disregarding these rights and uploading copyright music (by bypass techniques or otherwise) are the ones who caused this mess to begin with. They’re not going to choose to set them to private when they illegally upload them.