[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

you can use bot accounts that you created like 10 years ago. Either way though I still don’t agree with only 10 a month for the average user.

I still believe that they could have made the privacy optional and due to the lawsuit they could have briefly paused the ability to upload audio so that they could do a copyright sweep and leave most non-copyrighted assets alone…I might be wrong on that but if they could have done something like that then that would have made things better. Due to Roblox’s lack of transparency on things like this nowadays I’m actually a bit surprised they didn’t put a “Is Roblox in financial trouble?” question in the FAQ like they did for the removal of tickets despite how big of a corporation they are now.

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Private audios appear to still be working in places without proper permissions but the library is devoid of non-roblox uploaded assets above 6 seconds.

Is this update fully pushed out or is the automatic launch botched? I seriously cannot tell at this point.

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They are?

It seems it is still possible to play audio on the website, although I’ve only looked at my inventory within the past several hours.

Will older games with Base64 be affected?

No, because the audio itself is embedded into the .RBXL file.

In other words, the audio data is stored locally instead of on a server.

They’re nuked when opened in modern ROBLOX studio, so the Base64 text in the “SoundID” value of a “Sound” instance will be gone.

Opening the .RBXL in an older version of ROBLOX Studio or in a program like Notepad will allow you to view the audio information in-between the <binary*> tags.

Look at this tutorial by @Aurarus to learn more. This information should apply to audio as well.


Um, where’d the audio go?

I thought you were providing us with 100,000 APM tracks and 100,000 ProSoundEffects fx.


you can grab them on the website for now hopefully these show up in the toolbox later i was confused when i saw “No Results found”

nvm the website version is doing the exact same thing

You know whats funny. All the people who said they were going to quit if the update was pushed out are still online


The limit sucks


A lot of people are quitting development but not Roblox itself. I’ve started using unreal engine myself actually.


Well, we have to see if our games broke from the update or not, after all…
I, for one, am not developing any more levels for my Roblox game because of this update, but I still need to have Roblox open so I can port my scripts and models to Godot.

That’s because the automatic launch is botched. Audios still work completely fine if they’re private - I don’t think its intentional.

Something is broken


Worse than just that, Roblox seems to have inadvertently nuked the entire marketplace. Highly expecting a database rollback later. Be prepared for site maintenance later…

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The hard limit of 10, 100, 2000/month (to which we still do not know the criteria of who got what limits) is still a pain for many developers whose games highly depend on audio and SFX. Hopefully, the survey form will ease the strain from many developers who are stuck in a brick wall essentially blocking them from migrating many sounds so games don’t go completely silent. Also, day 0 of the new update, looking forward to seeing many games get broken because of this update.


The Plugins and Meshes category seems to be functioning properly (for me at least). The rest of the categories just show an empty list.


I think studio is just bugged because that was the same with models.

yes, i find 10 a month is too small, they should raise it to 25

Roblox removed free models

The whole market place has got deleted