[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

While I don’t really like this update but try to come to terms with it, I suggest you check the difference between net worth and actual money.


Roblox isn’t the only platform out there with user generated content. I think one issue is that Roblox is very complex and finding and moderating content that infringes on copyright is very difficult. On Roblox the game developer and the audio uploader can be different people and it’s an ID system that could be anywhere on the platform at any time which is why they are going with this kind of change.

One thing I think could help with this is an accessible way to identify which IDs are used in game at the time. I think such a system would help moderation on the platform in general. Not just with audio but also with images that violate the platform’s rules etc. maybe even a way to flag certain IDs in game. Also inform copyright holders how the system works.


I am currently suffering from this update and WILL not work on my game any further until I have this issue fixed:

My game has audio that was uploaded by me, and regardless, the studio engine believes that I do not own the audio at all. As a result, I can not play it, use it, or whatever.

The Audio Discovery does NOT show red X’s on them, yet, it says it lacks permission, which is really wack and dirty.

Roblox, please fix this bug.


Dawg, please read the top of the DevForum page or at least some of these replies before barging in and saying the same thing that has been said about 100 times now.

The marketplace is having issues right now, engineers are fixing it. Just hang tight not need to be dramatic! Just have patience!

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for anyone worried about boombox gamepasses i tried testing them earlier in some games. only your own uploaded audio works for boomboxes, but no one else can hear it
basically playing music for yourself at this point which can be a bad thing if you wanted to share your audio, but works the same ig

Hi developers,

We are aware of an issue where servers are unable to load private audio, even when it was uploaded on the same account and the experience has the correct permissions.

More information is available in this bug report


Sorry if this has already been answered, but how will uploading your own tracks work now? If I want to compose some music or a new sound effect to use in a game, how will I prove I am the original composer? Assuming the update is going to target copyright infringement for music, if I upload a song I didn’t make, it’ll probably get deleted, which is where my concerns come from.

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Oh dear. Roblox hasn’t automatically selected our public game as the one that has default permission to all audio. It’s picked a random project as we have so many test environments.

So…this means we have to update 48k audio assets to give them access to our public game, even thought the plugin said all our audio would be fine?

God save us.


Oh man this is more damaging than I though. They could have just made an ai to detect copy righted audio like the models with viruses but NOPE! They had to blame it on everyone and take audio away and make everyone have to reupload tons of audio


I still have 2 audios in my inventory that are definitely over 6 seconds and are not made by Roblox. Why is it still up?

Because they are just made private, not taken down. If they are public, then it’s probably just roblox being weird.

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When will all the audio be public again?

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local TimeUntilAudioIsPublic = nil

For some reason I sometimes like replying to questions in script form lol


“We understand your frustration” NO YOU DON’T. Clear you do not understand my frustration in the fact that my game LITERALLY DOES NOT WORK because of this update. 10 audio uploads a month isn’t going to cut the hundreds of uploads I have to do in order to get my game functioning again.

Your “professionally made” SFX don’t match the nuance and vibes of many games and are just blanket SFX, and I really can’t be bothered to spend hours replacing sound IDs over many hours with these terrible sounds provided to us by you. Alternatively, I can spend the next few years uploading 10 sounds per month just to fix my game :confused: I genuinely wish I hadn’t tethered myself so hard to this damn platform, because all it cares about is screwing us over every couple months.


Just give them your personal information such as your drivers license or personal ID so you can get 100 uploads per month!

Aww man, if only I had a driver license or photo ID… I hate this platform so much. Nobody screws us over quite the same way roblox does.


I’ve devexed before, I only have 10.

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Well dang, you could have gotten 100 audio uploads if you verified with your personal information, such as your personal information drivers license or personal information photo ID or your personal information passport or whatever personal information identification so you can get more than 10 uploads per month.

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Thanks for the diarrhea sounds boss man!

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I am happy to see that that the staff team is making an effort to minimize the damages of this update, like adding an option to allow creators to control where their audio is being used. I understand why they had to do this but I think it could be better, right now audios that arent even copyrighted or just plain old normal audios are being removed for false take downs by the ever living joke of Roblox the “Modaration” that has been beefed up to the extend of not recognizing normal audios, this really needs an improvement.

And also it is highly requested that we should be able to upload audios for robux like back then when we are over the limit of the monthly upload like badges.

Other than that, thanks for the urinating sound effects.