[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

it was sarcastic :joy:

I’m honestly frustrated that not only did Roblox execute poor decisions in order to “protect the rights of creators,” but when they tried uploading royalty free audio and sound effects, most of them don’t fit any type of game. (they are out of place or another variation of a fart noise)

For the third one, I believe it’s due to Roblox being sued for copyright reasons and the deadline played a role in being so early in terms of notice. Even Roblox wouldn’t set a deadline ~2 weeks before taking effect on such a large change to the platform.

I love soon, it is my favourite time of the year.


is this even allowed?


I don’t think so.


i love my music

where did my music go


ROBLOX is spam uploading these so it makes sense that it doesn’t go through filtered.


Group game universes cannot give permission to audios uploaded by another group.

Additional Suggestion:

Allow group members with create/configure group items the ability to GrantAssetPermissions.

Instead of relying on Create/Edit group experiences permission.


I don’t wanna say this but I got to.

At this point, Roblox is kinda breaking their own rules.


Either that, or they mass uploaded sound effects that came from whoever or whatever they partnered with to get them onto Roblox replacing creators’ sound effects and the moderation is slow on those sound effects.

Specific accounts can bypass the filter since they’re trusted and don’t have a tag filter to deal with. However, automatically uploaded assets in this case bypass the filter and instead of being tagged like normal, they get through without a problem. Far worse cases have occurred due to this update as well, and even in the past, for example a specific person’s concert…

I’ve been waiting 6 days for an audio to get uploaded now tried to upload it again 2 days ago again but none of them accepted.


hahaha. It has been 3 days and we are blocked from making audios public.

Well, they could’ve at least made brute-force moderation before making audios private. What is the point of doing brute-force moderation on audio after implementing audio privacy even though private audio won’t even prevent copyrighted infringement?

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My mistake, still would have been nice for to make sure it works when the update rolled out. Hopefully it doesn’t take long for public audios to be a thing again.


haha audio privacy go brrrr
my eyes break just seeing such an absurd amount of errors there lol


Not gonna lie, from the ‘water sfx’ that I saw, I am not hopeful… I can hear background noise in alot of them as well like fans, I don’t think I’ll use half of them professionally.

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Looking back, I really REALLY REALLY have to commend whoever handled the whitelisting of sound effects on the library. They seriously did such a ridiculously incredible job and tons of sound effects that I thought I’d for sure have to replace are still up and just fine on the library! Seriously, this is amazing!

This makes the change infinitely less painful. I was completely wrong to doubt these efforts as tons upon tons upon tons of sound effects were actually whitelisted. Great job, guys! Thank you so much. You definitely proved my doubts wrong, at least on that front.


Increase or remove the default audio limit, 10 is an embarrassingly terrible amount.