[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

i was looking for a water puddle footsteps SFX but could only find “dinosaur footsteps”, “robot footsteps”…like wouldnt the normal thing be get regular human footsteps variation sounds before those very oddly specific stuff lol, the closest sound to what i was looking for from their new SFX was a “moving dolphin fin splash sound” lmao

I looked up door opening sfx, and I got music titles with door in it.

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That one is a classic. They really have to do something with the way we search for stuff because it simply doesnt work well


I just uploaded a audio less than 6 seconds and it’s still private for some reason


Managed to fix it by readding the universe again even if it’s already listed and saving it (or was it a coincidence?)

you uploaded the sound after march 22 2022


it isnt, roblox audios are always weird, and useless, idk who still uses it, well maybe if you need a background sound you can find something good, but more than 90% of these sounds are weird and useless

Lovely new load of audio problems to fix in my game now (epic). It seems the audio asset manager plugin showing checkmarks does not guarantee that the audio will work.
So, I’ll have to find every single removed audio asset manually and replace them, which for some reason includes audio assets published by ROBLOX.

Interesting how I get this pop-up telling me to grant permissions for every single audio asset in my entire game despite all of them working fine according to the audio plugin.

Oops, I clicked the “Grant Permissions” button. Sheesh.
I much appreciate this helpful and bug-free update.

Could somebody explain why it’s behaving like this?


From when i contacted staff that pop-up behavior when you click publish is intended even if it shows your own audios and roblox audios. So yea, that one is annoying.

As for the error message in your output, i think you have to change that particular audio with your own or another one that you can actually use.

Every audio asset in my game has a blue checkmark in the audio manager plugin, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

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haven’t Roblox tested out the audio privacy thingy before rolling it out at first ;-;

Same on mine but i still had to replace audios they turned private even when these were below 6s

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Staff : It’s not supposed to be intuitive and concise! It’s supposed to be annoying and counterproductive :>

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I sure love uploading a glitch SFX and then getting this warning.
Guess what. It counts as 1 audio upload.


6 more tries to go! Hooray!
How do you want me to upload glitch sound FX? :man_facepalming:


This post got 901 replies. That’s crazy!

I’ve been working on a game for a long time and now it’s ruined thanks to this update. this update has been rushed. And it was all thanks to a lawsuit.

Congratulations now developers are quitting the platform.

I hope Roblox reverts this update because if they don’t well we’re all gonna quit


So what? Doesn’t help old popular audios to ‘‘give permission to an experience to use it’’. If the owner of that popular audio abandoned it, then what’s the point? I don’t think alot of people will bother to give experiences (A.K.A Games how it is supposed to be) the permission to use their audio. Doesn’t change my opinion about this TRASHY Update.

Why didn’t roblox add these theme songs to their library?

Roblox theme song 2006
Roblox theme song 2012
Roblox soundtrack - Online Social Hangout

I really want to use these again…


It’s not going to be reverted, and no, not everyone is going to quit over it.


This is a step in the right direction to a balance but it would be great if you checked if music was copyrighted or not because if someone asked a friend to upload a custom song they made because they ran out of uploads for the month then it wont work at all in their own game so then they have to wait much longer to upload it on their own account