[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Keep in mind, the Roblox marketplace was down on the day you posted that.

Looks like this update completely broke HD Admin as well, lots of audio assets were removed and one of them was deleted for copyright, all within HD Admin’s system.

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Yes, let’s congratulate Roblox on these “professional” sound effects :roll_eyes:

I believe Roblox removed some of these innapropriote assets, including one extremely innapropriote one which involved a toilet (but I’m not discussing it here)


If nothing else, this is pretty good proof of how the issue with the music industry’s copyright-happy tendencies lies more with the executives than the artists.

In regards to the Roblox part of it, I actually went back and removed boombox systems from old projects I otherwise no longer maintain - I don’t use Devex or anything to begin with, and I don’t want hapless players giving me money for something that doesn’t work for more reasons than just the audio change anyways (this was just the tipping point)


This I personally find to be more irritating than the music - I don’t put music in my games, I always just tell people to use youtube and listen to what they want (music industry being a nuisance there too notwithstanding) if they so desire, I usually play games without music if there’s the option to turn it off.

That said, finding sound effects for my games has always been an issue because there’s no distinction regarding Roblox’s limited search features. I distinctly recall at one point just going through several pages of the catalog and grabbing every sound I could find that wasn’t music just to use for some assorted joke items that I put together for said audio as I found it.

So… what’s been going on with this update?

We’ve been getting numerous bug reports related to this update as of late, some of which are very impactful to our workflow and how we adapt to this update, such as:

Alongside that, a bunch of audios I uploaded to one of my groups on March 12th, before the update, are currently stuck under “All experiences”. Despite that, we have had no luck attempting to use the audios in experiences besides group games, and we want to be able to manage permissions for those audios.

We expected these audios to be made fully private on March 22nd, especially given that they were off-sale, but we have yet to see this occur. In total we reuploaded about 100+ sounds, and we are not looking forward to doing that again if nothing is done about this.

Please give us an update, as we’re currently in the dark about all this, and it’s frustrating having to track several different posts on the forum.


Just want to add that the bugs impacting audio usage have been persistent for almost a full bloody week now and Roblox staff has been silent about it beyond “a fix is in the works!”

This is a game-breaking, platform-breaking, un-circumventable problem and it is affecting one of the most fundamental systems in games on the platform.

What the hell is Roblox doing twiddling their thumbs about fixing this?


Since when was it against the rules to upload distorted sound effects? I’m getting this too and it’s even happening to sounds that have very minor levels of distortion.
This is unacceptable.

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Still getting this spammed in studio 4 days later, is this intended or do I really have to grant access to use sounds I uploaded to be used in my own game?

On top that, clicking “Click here to grant Universe permission to asset” doesn’t even work, it just gives more errors saying that you can’t grant permission.
Assets published by the game’s creator are intended to always work, so this is just silly.


Everyone in the developer community: Screaming at ROBLOX to just fix the audio permission system, whether if they can be made public or not, like it should be pretty simple (atleast from their standpoint)


Renames 2 entire variables for version 519.


so its been a few days, and i have a few major complaints;
most sounds (like i expected) are borderline useless, as we have no way of accurately pinpointing different timepositions with the tools roblox provides.

Then i have noticed that, although this was meant to alleviate copyrighted music on roblox, it seems that the same music roblox is providing us, is being copyrighted on platforms like youtube.

Then there is also this issue of sound assets, which should be good to use, just refuse to load, even if you can play them via commands perfectly fine.


Roblox be like:

  • Replace all music on roblox with licensed generic stock music you can’t use on YouTube or any other sites
  • Tell developers to deal with the change no matter how much they suffer
  • Wonder why everyone hates this change

Uploading distorted audio files are not permitted.

Laughs Then WHY DID YOU CONSIDER ADDING Distortion Sound Effect?


already got banned for uploading a clip from a metal gear rising soundtrack with nothing that seems inappropriate

A radical proposal to the audio limits in this update is to do something similar to badges.

Perhaps, they should give everyone a low amount of free audios per month and then allow users to upload more with an increased price (maybe even double/triple). Remember, their main concern is with the botting of copyrighted audio, so this may discourage botters from mass uploading with an increased rate.

They should also improve the system that determines free audio limits. ID verification and DevEx history should be the factors that increase free audio limits.

To be fair there is an audio effect in Studio that lets you distort audios, so given your distorted audios aren’t meant to be used in other games experiences (not that you could right now anyways), it makes sense.


It would be great if you guys were to license actual music that we’ve heard of, but instead, you guys went cheap and got us Monstercat! So exciting. NOT. We want music that’s actually good.


The community is responsible for this rule. By using distortion to attempt and bypass copyright detection. ‘We’ have brought this on ourselves. Yay us.

Like I said, my game uses a glitch sound effect I have created myself.
I sadly can’t use it, because of this weird rule. How do you want me to make a glitch sound effect without it being distorted?

I know there’s Distortion effect in Studio, but it’s not the effect I’m going for.