[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

While I’ve been a fan of APM music since 2018, when Roblox was ironically prepared for lawsuits over copyrighted music, I’m honestly missing collecting and using Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks uploaded to the website. (I don’t think people care unless they’re used for profit, of extremely high quality, or are from Forces.)

Well, there’s your issue, or at least one of them. That’s copyrighted.

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I was actually kind of confused though cause I saw tons of those audios on the library before the purge, people saying in comment sections it wasn’t copyrighted

And if you were wondering they weren’t tweaked.

That’s because users uploaded them without regard for the Terms of Use, or even basic copyright in general.

Unless it’s license-free, you can’t use audio or music from something like a video game or movie, and most games’ soundtracks aren’t license-free.

Well, I already uploaded 2 audios from the same game before I got banned, so I don’t really know

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That still offers significantly less control over the distortion, and you need to have multiple objects for one sound effect.

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If they weren’t trying to dodge a lawsuit or save money or something then I have NO idea why they would use a strict deadline to indefinitely halt the ability to distribute audio > 5 seconds regardless of creator discretion. Either way it damages the platform and is going to cause a majority of small creators to leave, which results in Premium cancellations and less Robux purchases, and the fact Roblox is being sued again for its moderation failures (this time involving investors) makes the future seem very uncertain and not so bright for Roblox.

What do you mean not everyone is going to quit over it.

Even if i upload the audio, it still doesn’t works.
Super cool update! 10/10 :+1:


Exactly what I said. You made the claim that, if Roblox did not revert this update, then

That is simply not true, and has been proven not to be true every time someone made that claim for over ten years, whenever Roblox did an update that was controversial.

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gooblox pls

yeah i should have used the normal roblox logo but the studio one was closer


This is a certified spongebob bwomp moment

Wait nvm we cant play that now because of the update


Clearly something had to provoke Roblox to abruptly stop audio distribution, even for creators that were totally fine with their audio being used by other people or copied, but it makes them look bad honestly. But according to the audio privacy page on the developer hub, I have a hunch that when the time comes, once you make an asset public you won’t be able to privatize it again, which doesn’t make sense to me.


Honestly it would’ve been better if ROBLOX worked with various music companies to license music onto the platform and charged users to use the said audio for their game(s).


Bruh, just grant access…


what if roblox doesnt want you to do it like everyones been complaining about here :flushed: :flushed:

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It has been useful to set the permissions for our audios but is there an ETA as to when we’ll be allowed to set our audio permissions to all experiences? It’s a massive chore having to get all the audios my developers use and add the 4+ experience ID’s to them. I would rather just set to all experiences.


What if you reduce the volume of the glitch sound. Maybe it will pass moderation. You can then just increase the volume when you play it back.

Did you try that yet? IDK if it will work, but it might.


Yes, the blatant disregard for copyright provoked it. Users thinking they can upload whatever they want and share it to the public provoked it.

Maybe they’ll figure out a way soon where we can make audio public again, but they’ll have to figure out a better way to prevent sharing of copyright audio. I assume that’s what they’re working on now and why we have to wait.

Well, if you made it public, and a bunch of games use the sound, you’d be breaking the games if you made it private again, so maybe that’s why.