[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Hurry up roblox it’s been days and one year since this audio update came out. Now we cannot public our audio after these days? like srsly come on. HURRY UP. :rage:

It’s a bad practice to take action when it’s too late with band-aid fixes instead of preventing the problem.
UGC creation highlights yet again the problem with Roblox’s approach on copyrighted content, not preventing it in the first place is gonna lead to yet another big hit, like the audio update.


The platform can’t live off the delayed response from third parties threatening legal action, it needs to be self regulated.

The problem with audios originates from years and years of not taking action, leading the community down a vicious spiral, and since it’s a community of young people, it’s not gonna go well.
Another example would be games like Brick Bronze, or even unrelated events like the Filtering Enabled update, both were caused by either legal pressure or big scandals, despite both being very dangerous for Roblox as a platform.


You know, I’m getting a little bit better at scripting

Way too funny that this is the 2nd RDC in a row with cricket noises about public audio. They announced a feature that mixes audio streams together but what’s the point if all the available audio on the marketplace is useless? This has gotten beyond ridiculous.


they think they can ignore it and we will forget.

This has been beyond ridiculous, this update is stupid. just plain BAD.

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I wanted to revisit this post because I was curious if any notable updates had been made regarding audio privacy settings.

It seems like a lot of developers are more upset that a feature was taken away instead of understanding that it shouldn’t have been a feature in the first place. It’s easy to compare this to UGC, which has been brought up multiple times in this thread, but UGC is an entirely separate issue that warrants its own thread.

My main concern isn’t even making audio public; I understand that it sounds appealing to the vast majority of users, but game developers should be designing their own audios in the first place, or using non-copyrighted material.

To the few in this thread who have had issues uploading these due to improper copyright detection, that’s a shame, and that problem certainly needs more attention. It isn’t just a small issue that developers should find a workaround for, and it isn’t something developers should be waiting until Q4 2024 to be able to do without issue. It interrupts workflow and is literally never an issue on other game engines. You can make the argument that Roblox is an exception because of how unique it is, but that doesn’t excuse it from supplying the basic necessities game developers should have, especially considering how massive Roblox has grown in the past decade.

Regardless, my only request is for Roblox to make user-made audio applicable to privately-owned games by default without having to enter the game’s ID into their configuration. I definitely get why this is a feature in group-owned games or games with collaboration enabled, but it interrupts workflow pretty frequently when I have to copy and paste my game ID into a configuration page for every single audio I upload.

This is a little annoying because no one can access my game but me, so there is quite literally not a singular reason I can think of for me to have to approve each and every audio. The moment I attempt to enable collaboration with other developers, Roblox could easily give a warning message saying “You have private audio in this experience!” with a list of audio IDs that fit the criteria.

I understand this issue is pretty specific because the majority of developers work in groups or on development teams (which is what Roblox caters towards in the first place), but a quick quality-of-life update like this would really help solo indie developers like me out.


my audio made in 23/3/2022 still cant be public logic


Day 554 of “temporarily” not being able to publish new SFX. That’s still ridiculous. But Roblox did a way better job warning us through DevForum and Studio (though they could’ve also warned us on the website and/or even sent out messages or emails) to make changes for this update as opposed to this month’s marketplace update (you can clearly see the policy announcement itself has less than a hundred likes, while the first reply has a lot more).


The compensation is a grey area. It is nice to have a way to freely upload audio and make badges without having to spend 100 robux just to make one, but there was a lot of good music I had saved as IDs, and now pretty much all of my old sound IDs don’t work outside of their creators’ games. So much music I really loved using in other games, down the drain.

I can only imagine an alternate universe where artists were more generous and kept Roblox in the green…

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Maybe Roblox can work a deal with the record labels/artists? I proposed this in an earlier post here.

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half life 3 is going to release before they allow you to make public audios


Yeah, Roblox ruins people’s memories.

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God, this update SUUUUUCKS. What sucks the most is how radio silent they’ve been about this, I wish they would be more transparent about things that are in the works (or things that aren’t).

And it makes absolutely zero sense for audios less than six seconds to be privated, those at the very least, should be allowed to be made public whenever since there’s no way in hell you can bypass a song that is 6 seconds long.


I know we were all expecting this outcome (and we have not won yet) but we finally got an official statement!

EDIT: The author (staff member) of the new audio-related announcement actually left a like on my reply to their statement (you have to read it to see why I’m shocked).


they should rename roblox to “church” after this update

because its always so quiet in a church

Idk about that…
I’m not sure if it’s a good idea

Certainly agree with you. This update sucks very much

rip 300 robux i spent on radio gamepass :speaking_head:

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OMG, you spent 300 Robux and it was wasted? How dare you Roblox.

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