[Update] Constraint Chassis

I made some changes on the Restitution and I saw some change on how they handled, but somehow same slight result. I will experiment more, thanks!

The limits prevent the wheel from going past the anchor (other Attachment of the spring) and causing the spring to go backwards.

I’ll make some changes to them now

I didn’t fix it, so I didn’t want anyone to know it was like a solution or something. I’m back on the PC, so I’m going to go work on it now :thinking:

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Have you checked the vehicle collisions?

That has nothing to do with anything. The issue is the PrismaticConstraint allows the wheel to go above the spring so the spring attempts to make it stay that way. To solve it, you add a LowerLimit to the PrismaticConstraint of something along the lines of 0.2. That way the spring will keep pushing the wheel down rather than up.

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Alright so it looks like it’s working, I changed some values on SpringConstraint too. I’m also not sure if it can handle extreme heights haha, but luckily I won’t be using very large ramps or anything.

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Nvm, it was something in the place that broke it. It works now

I have another question. My vehicle body is very shaky when driving. What should I adjust to fix it?

Make it massless and set its Density (under CustomPhysicalProperties) to 0.01.


Is it normal for the left and right arrow keys to not function? Wheels won’t turn?

Nope, that’s not normal for a vehicle.

An alternative method could be checking input of keys being pressed then

I use a VehicleSeat and read the ThrottleFloat and SteerFloat. That way, mobile, console, and controller inputs also work. Alternatively you could code it yourself and not have the solution Roblox has been developing for years.


Oh! I didn’t think of checking VehicleSeat! :rofl:

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Steer Float does not work for mobile , it returns an integer and not a decimal point (online mode)