Update global rule 15.1 to be more explicit

The post approval process is outlined in global rule 15.1, see:

15.1 If you are a New Member, and you want to create a topic or reply in a category you do not have posting access to, you need to take the following steps…

It should be rephrased to explicitly outline which forum categories are a part of the approval process (platform feedback, development discussion, etc). Currently it can be interpreted as encompassing all forum categories. Whether or not it would be redundant to request off-topic approval is besides the point and may not be common knowledge. I also propose that a “priority disclaimer” is added (assuming this is how the process works internally), where naturally bug reports would be prioritised over less-impactful requests and would be processed faster.

(cc @buildthomas because they have pushed similar clarifications to the rules thread before).


I’m not sure if there’s much point in doing that, because it’s not a problem often enough to highlight it in the rules.

We’re working on something that makes the post approval process completely transparent anyway and takes fewer steps, so then people don’t need to know which categories are post approval and which are not because it will all appear the same to them.

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The only point to the proposed changes is to clarify 100% what is and is not accepted through it. I can’t see it being a big issue by flooding the post approval system, however in saying that a perfect example of why is myself being unaware that new members are unable to view and reply to their own moved posts (which negates the point of submitting requests) and have recommended using the approval process for trivial, off-topic categories. I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence, however someone had to come and correct the advice I provided because of it.

If the suggestion is obsolete because of a new update to the approval process, then that is excellent.

Making the rule to be more explicit is not important, however nevertheless for small cases like above it could be useful to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Post approval process has changed, no categories are greyed out when creating a post but post approval effected categories get sent for approval instead of being posted.