Update 'How to post a Bug Report' to guide Members posting

I believe one post on the forum requires updating as I believe there was options to reporting a bug. Updating this post would resolve some issues, if the category is readable, that is.

I don’t know if I have it correct that Roblox support should be considered as one or if there’s another that I haven’t been fully aware of.


I don’t understand what you’re trying to suggest at all, can you be more specific?

The OP says the pinned how-to should be updated to guide members, since they can’t create a topic in #platform-feedback. Suggestion is that it should say if you can’t post contact Roblox support using the Bug Report/Ideas & Suggestions category, and then there is the method of contacting DevEngagementTeam about your topic, which the latter might be more preferable for members.


To clear up the miscomprehension, I meant that we could add some guidelines for members who cannot post into #platform-feedback by regular means. If the pinned post was updated to guide the members, it wouldn’t lead to frustration when encountering an annoying bug.


Yea cause almost anybody can make a game report and waste time also

Off-topic = I love your music btw

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There’s no point in updating all of this documentation if they are planning to reinstate permissions for TL1 to report bugs at some point. They shouldn’t update it because then we’ll have to ping them again to update it once the new TL1 flow goes out. Not worth the hassle.