[UPDATE] I like to make scary monsters. How can I make them more horrific and nightmare fueling without a drop of blood?


I am making this post to look for some creative feedback from the Dev forum community! I would like to make a horror game called Facility-1.

It’s a game where you are locked in a facility and you have to find your way out. I plan on having it to be a first person horror game with a single player story mode, and a multiplayer mode. I plan on having it to be a game like an alien isolation. Here are some pictures of the map to get a better feel of what I am making.

But wait! “What about the scary monsters you want to showcase and receive feedback for?” Don’t worry! I have them right here. They are Robot Zombie Players. These monster designs are inspired by the movie Virus 1999 they had really cool monster designs. They each have their own ability such as crawling through vents, taking hits, seeing you before you see them, the ability to see through lockers, and more.

Don’t worry! I plan on having a lot more! I need some suggestions to make some even more horrific monsters! I would like to see other people’s takes on ideas for these monsters.

EDIT: Somebody told me they liked spider stuff, so I made this!

I also made this as well.

I’ve finally started working this project again! I tried using the future lighting on roblox studio and it looks really good for a horror game vibe.

Thanks for reading!


That’s already nightmare fuel.

They’re so horrific already.

Oh my god.

I love how it’s so detailed, and uses body horror elements.
Such as extra body parts, disfigured body parts, etc.

Can’t really give anything to improve. :skull:


Body horror is my least favorite genre. Because it’s so damn scary.
Honestly, I’ve played other horror games, and there were certain key points which made it scary.

  1. There was a scene where I had to walk in a narrow closet in between mannequins. That freaked me out because I had to move.
  2. I had to revisit certain rooms, and when I went back something had changed. Very scary.
  3. Secluded areas. Things behind a curtain, strange things such as something not being where it was before.

It had no jumpscares until the very end. Yet it was unimaginably scary. It was also incredibly silent, except for key points, which really put me on edge.

Time for a ping. @CRAZYDIAMONDDOO.


This monsters is so detailed.
I like that♥️


First of all, those monsters look really cool!

As per the feedback, though not visual (since the visuals exceed my expectations!), you should consider adding audio in such a way that it will elevate fear and anxiety. For example, if the monster is close by, have a clip of audio playing that consists of quick on-and-off action on a note on instruments like the violin. Layer this with another note will make it extra scary, but don’t overdo it as it does have diminishing returns. It’ll create this shake-y, shiver-y audio that is bound to drive your victims crazy (in a good way, of course)!

This is called dissonance, a mis-harmony of various notes. The horror arising from it is due to our realization that something isn’t perfect (the harmony), in turn, causing us to get worked up and anxious about it.

Nothing works alone in horror, so dissonance does need the actual visuals, which you’re topped up with, but still (as a general rule-of-thumb).

Try to stay away from jumpscares as they’re quite cheap and hated upon by most. Plus, they only inflict temporary spike of horror, not the long-lasting suspense and anxiety due to dissonance.


I actually had an idea for a tracker of some sort, but it can often mislead you and can end up bringing the monsters closer if you don’t put it away in time. Also for the sounds, I would have a sound of a gun cocking, or loading to show the robot is nearby and it can see you but you cannot see it.


I’ll also have some minor jump scares that often do not result in your death, for example pipes hissing, vents clunking, and Lights flashing. It would just add suspense when people least expect it.


Slowly building up tension and suspense to the player constantly would make them panic.
As long as they are panic, I guess that’s when they start to freak out.


More rigid edges less smooth roundy edges. Also try using darker colors other than grey if you want. and maybe try using some rusty textures and keep it if it looks good.


This is my opinion,

The monster is extremely scary. :smile:

The monster’s body textures are so creative. :+1:

The colour of the iron at the monster’s body… maybe you can paint it black to match the colour at the machines head. :space_invader:

(Don’t blame me for negatives thought, comment and others)


I really love those ideas! I’ll keep them in mind for my game.


Can we take a moment to appreciate the detail put into one single monster? I think it already looks horrific just looking at it so good job. :+1:


Maybe add a couple of extra body parts that are robotic or something?
Great job with this, BTW.


I actually had test tubes that could be something like the closet where you’re surrounded by a ton of them.


Ooooh the models looks nice, maybe add sounds effects such as dropping water while there is complete silence, also try to keep UI to a minimum, and have very blending in UI, so not too contrasting with the scene. Try to keep the volume low unless and add in some background noise, such as the ghost frequency, 20 hz iirc. Add lots of sound effects and recommend players to wear headphones, so there would be and understanding of the sound. If a player here’s something behind them they will try to look backwards to check for anything, the moment the turn around, change the scene.


:flushed: :flushed:
Please dm me when your game is ready for launch.

Looking at the monster robots and then reading the quoted description, say no more.

I absolutely love making horror games too. I’ve only made 1 showcase of an abandoned laboratory, and I had a blast making it.

Your modeled robot zombies are phenomenal. The red eyes and the creepy face with the robot parts will give some the nightmares. The spider zombie and whichever zombie that goes through vents will 100% scare me at least once. (They all will probably get me) Well done. I suggest you make the robot zombies walk/run really fast so it catches you off guard. That, or make them slow enough where when you see it, they would creepily walk slowly to you.

I can’t wait to see the maps and the animations!


Oh and also, what is the plot going to be? Here’s one I thought up, you get abducted by a group of people, before that you started asking strange shadows appearing next to regular shadows, after that flashback (maybe flashback), they explain something about world seperation, two stars, 5 brothers cursed with the daunting task of keeping the fabric of our dimension sewn together and how you can see it too while some of them start preparing to go somewhere and the rest all nerved by the gloomy atmosphere of the old biomedical lab you were brought to. A light knocking sound could be heard coming from one of the overhead vents, some of the people started crouching and whimpering, this is followed by a few heavy and deep crunches, the sound reverberating in your ears, all the moisture in your mouth evaporates, you feel a shard wedged into your gums. The sound continues, dillouting out the silence and ceiling your head with thoughts you didn’t want to hear when you were this young… The crunching stopped.
You wonder what will become of you. You see that the blanket of darkness caused by the snuffing out of the feeble lightbulb perched overhead is now splattered with luminous red eyes, starting at you from the comfort of the shadows.

If you’d like to here more contact me and I can write up a plot that might work

Actually it’s where you explore an abandoned facility in your backyard


If you watch a horror movie without any audio, and it comes to the jump scare part, not that scary, right? Now turn up the audio and replay the scene. You can hear ambient noises, the heartbeat, the quiet footsteps, and the intense breathing. The music suddenly starts to build up. Then suddenly before the robot appears, you hear a door creaking with quiet metal clanking footsteps.

Much scarier, right?

Thats what you can do. background music is extremely important when it comes to horror movies/games. It fuels up the suspense, the horror, and the anxiety. What gives anxiety even more?

Dark, tight spaces.

Make sure before the game to make your audience wear headphones, so they will be more immersed into the moment.

PS: Great robot models they look terrifying


Oh ok, that still sounds cool, what time frame is it, like past, present, future, 1950s?

It takes place in the Present but the facility is 1980’s-1990’s tech