Update Log for Check a Roblox User’s “Last Online” Information [OLDER]


December 31, 2020:

  • Added the ability to wear any Accessory (hat, hair, face, neck, shoulder, front, back, or waist) on your character in the game. On the “More Info” screen, click the new black “Wear any Accessory” button on the bottom, and then enter a valid ID to the accessory (for example, the ID for the Dominus Empyreus hat is 21070012) and click “WEAR”. Make sure to only enter that numerical ID. You can only wear up to 8 things at a time in the game (you also can’t wear multiple copies of the same thing), to prevent potential spam/lag. To drop accessories on the floor, click the + (or =) button on your keyboard - though the game automatically cleans up accessories every 30 seconds in multiplayer servers.
    – I will likely expand this in the future to include Faces, Packages/Costumes, and clothing)
  • Also added the ability to remove all of the accessories you are currently wearing in the game. On the right of the “Wear any Accessory” button, you will see a “Take Off All Accessories” button. Happy New Year!

December 18, 2020:

  • Added a snow/holiday update to multiplayer servers
  • Renamed “Recommend to Friends” to “Invite Friends”, since that’s more accurate

December 9, 2020:

  • Added a KOs/WOs leaderboard near the mini sword fight arena in multiplayer servers. KOs and WOs do not save once you leave the server (after all, it is not part of the main purpose of the game)
    – Resetting your character counts as a WO
  • (this was a few days ago:) Fixed an issue where R15 players were unable to do any damage with their sword

December 1, 2020:

  • Fixed a minor glitch where players would “fly” when they leave the sword fight area (it used to happen if the “lunge” BodyVelocity from the sword remained active after the sword was removed from your backpack)
  • Updated the Donators leaderboard display the top 25 (it was previously just the top 10, which I figured was a very limited sort for a game this big & active)

November 29, 2020:

  • Due to several requests from people asking for more in-game activities, I added a small sword fight arena to the game - located on the edge of the map in multiplayer servers. You will get a sword only while you are in the arena; you will lose the sword whenever you leave the arena or die.
    – Also added a new badge for this (you can achieve it by getting 5 KO’s in a server)

November 26, 2020:

  • Added the ability to “spawn” any Roblox player’s current Character. This can be done in the “More Info” GUI. After looking up a specific player using that screen, click on the new orange button that says “Spawn their Character” (it’s below the “MORPH” button). Then, you will notice that the screen closes and on the small grey-colored flat block nearby, you will see that player’s character, with their name above. Their gear and animation(s) will not be displayed, and you cannot interact with the spawned character, as it is only an NPC model. In multi-player servers, the block will be in your space/base, towards the left. In single-player servers, the block will be towards the right (in front of the timezone conversion block).
    – If there happen to be any graphics-related or positional/rotational issues with the character spawning, let me know.

November 17, 2020:

  • Fixed a minor issue in multiplayer servers, where your Music would reset when you morph/reset your character.
  • Added moving conveyor belts to multiplayer servers, because why not?

November 16, 2020:

  • In the “More Info” GUI, I added the ability to see exactly how many days/hours/minutes/seconds ago someone was last online (regardless of your time zone, as this value should be the same for everyone). After you search someone up, under the “last online” text, it will say in italics how long it’s been since they were last online. If someone is “ONLINE NOW”, then this text will be blank.

November 11, 2020:

  • Added the ability to morph into anyone’s Outfits (their custom “Costumes”). To do this, look someone up in the “More Info” GUI, then click on the “View all Outfits” button, and then click on the IMAGE of any of their outfits. Some outfit image thumbnails don’t load because of an asset within the outfit being moderated on the Roblox site (ex: if a Shirt was deleted), but you can still morph into them. To revert back to your normal character, simply Reset your character.
  • Added the ability to see what Roblox Groups someone is currently in. After looking up a username in the “More Info” GUI, click on the yellow “View Groups” button. This will show a complete list of the groups that the user is currently in (the group logo, group name, and the user’s current rank/role). Sometimes, the group logo image may not load depending on if it was moderated or if there is some other internal Roblox issue. For the most part, this should be fully operational, including for the usernames of players that are banned/deleted (there are a few exceptions here and there).

November 1, 2020:

  • Added the ability to view anyone’s “Outfits” (also known as their “Costumes”). On the More Info Screen GUI, click on the lavender-colored “View All Outfits” button. All of the user’s outfits (images and titles) will show up, in order from the most recent to the oldest (it fills up row by row). As a reminder, users can only make 50 outfits maximum. Occasionally, a few outfit image thumbnails may fail to properly load (this happens with Roblox sometimes), but may load at other times.
  • Made some adjustments to the calculations used in the time zone changing system, since many countries (including the U.S.) have changed their clocks back 1 hour today. If there are any remaining time zone issues (especially with the UTC +/- offset calculations), they will be fixed soon - I will have to manually adjust it.

October 31, 2020: (Major Update)

  • BIG UPDATE THAT MANY PEOPLE WANTED AND REQUESTED: Multi-player servers! By default, the game will be multi-player, but when you join it - there will be a pop-up asking you if you want to teleport to a single-player server (just like how it originally was). Teleporting may take a few seconds, so please be patient. The option will remain on the side-menu, regardless. Multi-player servers are capable of holding up to 6 people. By default, they will be random people. But, you can create a private server (so you can play with your friends/invited people only) and join that way instead.
    *Here are some logistics about how multi-player servers will work:
    – The “Friends List” block and the “Friends You Made/Lost” block will ONLY be in the single-player version of the game. This is done for privacy reasons, so that other players don’t see who you friended/unfriended. Also, the Friends List block would be heavy on HttpRequests - which could lead to game issues. I may look into changing this later on.
    – Every player gets their own “space”. Only that specific player can look up people in their space. You won’t be able to see if the other player changed their time zone, but you can still change your own - which will affect only your space. If you try to click on someone else’s red block, you will be respawned at your space. If you try to morph into a player that they looked up, you will be able to click on their “morph” button as well. You can always still use the “More Info” Screen GUI instead, too.
    – The “Top Donators” and “Most Usernames Looked Up” leaderboards are on one end of the map, while the “Current Time” boards are on the other end of the map.
    – In regular multi-player servers, the Music that you play will ONLY PLAY FOR YOU (others cannot hear your music, they will hear their own - locally). In private servers, music can be played globally (meaning, whatever you play, will be heard by everyone else - along with the music speed changes). This was done intentionally so that you can play music with your friends in private servers, whereas normal servers would have random players that could constantly change the music/annoy others.
    – As always, to revert your character back to your own avatar, simply Reset your character.
    – If you ever decide that you want to go to a single-player server instead (some people like playing the game on their own), the side-menu will have an option for that. Teleportation may take a few seconds, but it will be quick.
  • Added a “Met the Creator” badge for if you happen to spot me in a multi-player server at some point. Beyond that, the badge has no further value.
  • Added a small temporary Halloween design update (it will be removed when Halloween ends)
  • More updates coming soon! I am looking into adding some of the updates that were suggested in the Survey recently (multiplayer servers was the #1 request).
    Note: it is not possible to see the game that someone last played (especially if their privacy settings don’t allow everyone to view this). This was a popular request, so I just wanted to address this.

October 29, 2020:

  • Added the ability to see exactly how many days/hours/minutes/seconds ago someone was last online (regardless of your time zone, as this value should be the same for everyone). This will be shown on the main block on the very bottom when you look someone up. In the coming days, this sort of information will be shown on the GUI as well.
  • Added a leaderboard of the top 10 players who have looked up the most usernames since today’s update (October 29, 2020). The leaderboard itself updates every 70 seconds. Meanwhile, your total count will update only when you leave the game - so you will not notice yourself on the leaderboard (if you reach the top 10) until you re-join. Looking up the same username continuously (spam-clicking) will not count towards your count. This is an experimental update and is subject to change / be removed at any time.
  • Made the GUI the default screen for when you join the game. This was because some players were still not finding how to open it. To close it, click the white button at the top that says “HIDE THIS SCREEN”. To open it back up, click the same button which should now say “SHOW MORE INFO”.,
  • Removed the time it took to respawn and removed the default Force Field- not sure why I did not change this earlier. This means when you morph into someone or reset, you will re-spawn immediately.
  • Disabled the Game Survey GUI that I released two days ago - thank you to all those who submitted one with ratings and feedback! I may put up additional surveys in the future to see what players think about specific updates and such. I sometimes announce stuff like this on my Twitter page.

October 26, 2020:

  • Added the ability to see which users became friends with you and which friends were lost (such as if they unfriended you) since your last time playing the game. This is displayed in the new board on the left. This is particularly helpful for when you notice that your friend count decreased and you want to see which specific user(s) unfriended you.
  • Added the ability to change the speed (sometimes referred to as “pitch” by traditional Roblox sense) of the music that you play in the game. Clicking “Speed Up” increases the current speed by 0.1 (it’s 10% faster). Clicking “Slow Down” decreases the current speed by 0.1 (it’s 10% slower). By default, the speed is normal and the volume is normal.
  • Minor change: The top 10 donators are now displayed (it used to be 8).

October 23, 2020:

  • Added a red-colored “View all Friends” button for anyone you search in the “More Info” Screen GUI. This will display a complete list of a player’s friend list (even if they are banned/terminated) in alphabetical order. The entire list is supposed to fit on all device screens, but please let me know if there is an instance where a list gets cut short.
  • Added a “Donator” badge, which can be obtained by donating any amount.
  • Added a “Top Donators” leaderboard to the game. It displays a basic list of the top 9 donators’ usernames and the total Robux amounts donated. This leaderboard updates every 60 seconds (a minute), so it is not automatic. But this data will save even when you play the game again later. If there is any issue - let me know.
    NOTE: This update is not retroactive - meaning that it cannot count any donation purchases made prior to this update (this is because this data was not stored/saved before).
  • Fixed a minor issue with the “Searched for the Mysterious One” badge.
  • Note: There were some recent issues with last online/join date information not loading, but it should have automatically been fixed now. This was an issue with the external Roblox proxy server that I use for various API services in-game.

October 12, 2020: (Major Update)

  • Added a cool GUI window that pops up when you click the white “SHOW MORE USER INFO” button at the top of the screen. When you click on this, a grey screen will appear and you will be able to search (using the text box, and then clicking the Enter button) for any Roblox username and a set of information will appear. Most of these are new additions to the game, so here is a list of the current information you are able to see in the GUI:
    – The user’s ID
    – The user’s avatar image (along with a button to Morph into the user; if you want to morph back into yourself, simply reset your character, or look yourself up and morph into your avatar)
    – The ability to see what a user is currently wearing (new!)
    – The user’s exact Join Date/Time (new!)
    – The user’s exact Last Online Date/Time
    – A total count of the User’s friends, followings, and followers (new!)
    – The user’s current Total RAP worth (Recent Average Price), based on their limited items. Though it is important to note that if a user’s account has been deleted for an extremely long time or if their inventory is hidden (including yours, if you look yourself up), then it will say “[Inventory Hidden]”. Also, it may take a few seconds to load depending on how many limiteds the user owns. (new!)
    – The User’s current description on their profile (new!)
    You are able to see most of this information even with (most) banned/deleted players! More cool/useful features will come in the coming weeks/months!
  • The ability to enter a custom UTC +/- offset has been added to the bottom of the “Select Timezone” menu. At the moment, you can only enter a WHOLE number that is in the range of -14 to +14. By default, the game operates in the Central (USA) time zone (which is UTC - 5). So, once you change your time zone, this will apply to all of the last online/join date info that is displayed in game.
  • Added the “Checked a Friend’s Information” badge to the game. I will add a few more simple badges in the future.
  • Some minor technical fixes (ex: an issue where the Scrolling Frame of the Friends List would get cut off at the very bottom)

September 2, 2020:

  • Added the ability to see someone’s User ID. It will show up after you look up someone’s last online info in the game (it will appear in the “The User’s ID” row). This could be helpful to some people who are unable to find someone’s profile/user ID because of their account being deleted, or some sort of issue.
  • Added a new button to the side-menu: “Recommend to Friends”. This allows you to send an “invite” link to the game via the Roblox website Chat feature, to any of your Friends. But, as a reminder, they will not actually be able to anyhow join you in the game because all servers are 1-player only - including “private servers”.

September 1, 2020:

  • Added 3 new time zones to the game: British (UK) Time Zone, GMT/UTC, and the Eastern European Time Zone (EET). More time zones will be added in the coming weeks, as I ideally want to have at least 10 time zones for people to choose from.
  • I have made some changes to the Friend List re-loading script in the event that it breaks. If it breaks (which is detected when someone’s last online info says “Loading…” for too long), then the entire list will reload. This system is still not perfect nor ideal, but it is a step closer.

August 26, 2020:

  • In the event that the Friends List loading script breaks due to an HttpService issue (it can happen if there are too many requests - which is not unusual), then it will automatically restart the list after approximately 100 seconds if the game still has not loaded all of your friends. I will be trying to improve this system more to account for the Http issues that come sometimes (it happens every now and then, while other times it does not).

August 24, 2020:

  • Added the ability to change time zones in-game. That’s right - no more having to manually convert by yourself from the default Central time zone! Click on “SELECT TIMEZONE” in the side menu and select a time zone for the game to use for displaying the last online information (this applies both to the Friends List last online info and for usernames that you manually search). Currently, only 4 USA time zones have been added (Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern time zones), but more time zones will be added soon. Remember, the default time zone is Central Time (USA). I have also added a badge that you can earn by using this new feature. For more time zone suggestions, please message me.
  • The “Play Music”, “Donate”, and “Select Timezone” GUI windows are now draggable, for your convenience. You can close the windows at any time.

August 19, 2020:

  • Added a green “CLICK TO MORPH” button that appears on the bottom of the user’s avatar image after you look them up. Simply click on it and it will morph your Roblox character into the user that you last looked up. To get out of the morph, either reset or look yourself up (and then morph into yourself). I expect to add some more small but convenient things to the game soon.

August 18, 2020:

  • Made the “Private Server” option free instead of the 27 robux that it used to cost. Keep in mind though: private servers have absolutely no use or purpose for this game, as all servers are single-player anyway so essentially, there’s no difference.

August 17, 2020:

  • Added a “Play Music” option to the center-right Screen GUI. Simply enter a valid Roblox Audio ID and click the green “Play” button. The music will loop.
  • Added the “Searched for the Mysterious One” badge to the game.

August 14, 2020:

  • Added a GUI on the center-right side of the screen with the “Purchase Premium” and “Donate” options. The GUI can be closed by simply clicking on the red “X” button.

August 13, 2020:

  • Added a cool and convenient “Friends List” display to the game. It is a scroll-able list on a block which contains all of your friends’ avatars, usernames, and their last online information. Depending on how many friends you have, it may take a little bit of time to load all of their avatars and last online info - but it is usually done within seconds. It does not continuously update while you’re in the game (this is to put less stress on the game and the API - given how much time it already takes to load images/info).
  • Removed the black “Update from Creator” block because the API has less issues nowadays and it is unnecessary to keep that block any longer. Note: the API may still have issues at times (where the button won’t work / won’t load info/avatars), but it is usually fixed fast by itself or even sometimes fixes by itself by rejoining the game.

August 6, 2020:

  • Added an avatar image display for any users that you look up.

(All updates prior to August 6, 2020 are not noted above, as they were not logged.)