Update on Asset Load Failure Issue

Hey Developers,

We have recently discovered an incompatibility between caching infrastructure used by Verizon ISP and our networking stack, and took measures on our side to work around this.

What happened?
Some users on Verizon FiOS experienced data corruption in local asset cache.

Who was impacted?
A portion of Verizon FiOS users, plus possibly a small number of users of other ISPs using similar transparent proxying.

How do I make sure that this fix is live for my players?
Developers don’t need to take any specific action. Players only need to open the Roblox client and leave it running for a bit. Previously cached corrupted content should automatically fix itself. For a faster fix, players can manually clear the local asset cache by removing all files from their cache folder.



Please let us know if you see any additional issues with your assets loading.


I can confirm that everything seems to be loading fine again, both in-game and in Studio. Thank you for the update.