Update to Developer Forum Entry Process

Thanks, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that.


A worthwhile update I believe. Hopefully this will encourage people to strive to become members.


This is a great start, keep making moves.


Very happy about this update! I never got around to creating a portfolio, but I wanted to be in the DevForums. Looks like I no longer need to! I’ll try and find some way to contribute.


That explains the influx of developers joining the development forums…

Don’t really see the point of non developers even coming in here but I can see why that would be a problem. Welcome to all the new developers who joined (including me).


Fine. Dandy. The more the merrier, right?
However, I have 3 main issues at this time, and I feel like I’m not the only one with this issue:

Issue One

Disregard for Rules
Now, not every New Member suffers from this issue, but a fair bit of users do. A majority of the time the biggest rule break I’m seeing is improper posts in certain forum sections. Particularly, many of the threads going up in #learning-resources fall closer to a #development-discussion:cool-creations or are generalized discussion topics rather than a Tutorial or Learning Resource, and it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous. Speaking with some others, it was brought up that maybe #learning-resources becomes manual approval, for all members. This helps weed out some of the posts that aren’t well done, aren’t fully finished, aren’t sources of learning, or aren’t all that accurate. Allowing a post to be up in Learning Resources that doesn’t facilitate learning, or facilitates poor learning styles can be harmful to new developers who tend to read those threads to get better.

Issue Two

The Developer Forum Is No Longer A Status Symbol
I personally don’t have an exact problem with this. Considering I’m here, that doesn’t mean the bar is too high development wise. I haven’t really hit the big time yet, in my honest opinion. However, possibly needing to change this on the Best Practices for Collaboration thread would be a good idea if we’re letting people in now without looking at valor or merits…

I mean, the thread is all about what to look for to hopefully prevent being scammed or have a good experience working with others on a game. Telling someone they can trust someone simply for being here, while also not filtering who is here, is a major problem. I remember I made that mistake a long time ago, trusting someone simply because they were a DevForum Member. They wound up running off with 16k, and I had nothing in return for it.

Issue Three

How will this affect RDC 2019?
A big concern of mine is the ability to go back to RDC. RDC 2018 was incredible, and I’d love to re-attend, but now that New Members are getting to a point of outweighing Members, how is RDC waves going to be handled. Our New Members going to be in a wave at all? Is the number of attendees at RDC US gonna be even larger this year? There’s just a lot of questions about how this new algorithmic system of letting people in will affect how RDC Invites are handled.

Quote Replies

Going Forward, this becomes more and more concerning. I agree, at the very least the public sections should take on a professional tone. (Lounge & Off-Topic still should probably be a bit more free’d up, and I hope they don’t take an early exit on us.) However, with simply allowing anyone, this will probably become harder to maintain. Especially with the new influx of users stemming younger and younger. (I’d be curious to see if there is an age limit applied to the Forum still or not.)

This is not true. I was a Member at the time of invites, and there were a number of New Members that said they were invited in the same wave I was. Please do not post things you’re assuming on, without verifiable proof.


We are COPPA compliant, so users under the age of 13 cannot join the Developer Forum.

Thanks for the rest of the feedback, we’ll be looking closely at all of the feedback posted in this topic. :slight_smile:


Concern is off course, nothing ever stopped me from making my YouTube Channel marked as over 60 years old when I was 11. :confused:

And you’re welcome for the feedback. As someone who started out in the first batch of “Basic Users” this on-growing trend of New Members is very close to my heart. I’ve seen where the program came from, and I sent a lot of feedback when the program started out. I’m just concerned with how things will go from here.


So this is how I got accepted. I love this! I can finally ask questions when I run into problems instaid of searching hours on hours for a solution! Not to forget that I can reply and help people!


Understood. With all the concerns this new system had, It’s great to see the possible outcome of this. I am glad things cleared up, and I want to think the people who done this.


There is a reason why ROBLOX still hasn’t made a ROBLOX badge, hat, t-shirt, etc. for DevForum users only. The reason why is because the DevForum shouldn’t be a status symbol nor a place to “brag” about being on. Of course, only developers should we on this forum, but even with these New Members, that shouldn’t be the reason why you’re on this forum. The reason why should be to collaborate with other fellow ROBLOX developers.


If you read the text below it, I pretty much already said this without being detailed with it. The thing is the DevForum used to be a symbol, so much so that the Best Practices for Collaboration even list being a DevForum Member as like being a “trustworthy” person, which really isn’t the case, and now that we’re letting in New Members by the tenfold, they really really need to remove that from the list of criteria.


So can the people who were accepted through the manual system call themselves legacy dev forum members? Haha


I mean, as much as I understand that the whole thing about people not being developers being on the DevForums is an issue, I really don’t see that many people who are actively around on the DevForums who aren’t developers on Roblox or former developers.

I know that my friends probably would become uninterested within minutes, less the amount of time that it’d take for the automatic system to rank someone to New Member. The only people who I know actively and regularly check and update themselves on the DevForums are those who actually develop on Roblox and probably depend on the exciting new updates that might be coming towards Studio or the platform in general.


Well, perhaps make a role called “Frequent Visitors” and I guess they could be similar to New Member’s permissions but a little less, then have specific role(s), topics, and permissions for developers/sellers that will actually use it for that same exact purpose. I don’t mind having new developers joining but having randoms joining that really don’t specialize in things like that wouldn’t really wouldn’t be the same, but again if there is a Frequent Visitors type role I think it’ll fit.


Quick question about Beta tester.

Is Beta tester going to change it to as Member+ only? Since this update that everyone can join DevForum as New Member to become more active.


Not Lilly but Night said on Discord:

The more developers testing features for Roblox, the more insight we can receive from the community.

I think it can be guessed that for this reason beta will stay as New Member+ but anything’s possible :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m doubtful they’d change it now that a bunch of New Members have received Beta Access after asking on that one thread for it.


I just fainted

why couldn’t you of done this in the first time anyway?

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I agree, the beta players don’t have an astounding extra set of privileges regardless, just more stuff in the game edit page and group page UI (probably missing other stuff too but these were the main ones I spotted).

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