Update to Developer Forum Entry Process

However long it takes doesn’t matter to me; IIRC it wasn’t possible for the role to post replies here before (for good reason)… so I’m wondering if this particular change was intended


1 day is way too short. I’d say at least a week or more.


A week is ok


Hmm i wanted to post a really good tutorial about a Blender tip and method on meshing and shading, but i dont have the ability to post on Community Resources or community tutorials, so when i tried on Development support (Building) the Post got flagged automatically…


This category gains the most attention from the Developer-Relations Team, Lead Top Contributors and Moderators. They can probably just delete the post and take appropriate action if it’s against the rules if that’s what your concern is.


There’s a process to submit topics to categories you don’t have access to. I’d recommend reading the links the bot sent you when you were first accepted as a New Member, since this was among them and there is lots of other great information there. Rule 15.1: (can’t quote due to mobile)


Please slow down the rate at which people can become New Members.
It should take them at minimum a week of activity.

With more and more New Members joining and flagging / being flagged, the delay between flagging a post and seeing it dealt with will either increase (and it seems to have already), or moderation quality will decrease to favor speed. This rate of growth is not sustainable for moderation in its current state.

Before this change to the entry process my flags were always handled within the same day, or else the very next day. My most recent two flags after this change took two days to be handled, which seems like a fair warning sign.


As much as I am honored to be a part of this forum I can see where everyone is coming from in this topic. I believe that the requirements for membership, even just new membership should be risen it really did not take me long to obtain it, most of the people in here, some being my friends dislike the new system because it makes the DevForum feel less exclusive. Dev’s on roblox don’t get a lot of exclusivity as it is and if It meant I had to give up my new membership to make the joining policy stricter, I would do it.


Personally in my retrospective as a New member myself that got in through the new system.

I feel like every time I’m watching over the dev community it made me learn some stuffs I couldn’t think of due to the fact when I first started developing in studio 3 years ago I needed to be knowledgeable and Prepared at all times to see the outcomes of my priority’s an be aware of the total complicated stuffs to improve my skills. I personally don’t like seeing this Drama as of right now as it reminds me of why the forums were removed but being Judgmental at the same time gives a bad rap for us New Members. at least give them a Chance and see how good and passionate they are and you can truly see how good their creations can be. although I’m Quiet disappointed lets not assume this and that to one another Studying and Reading actually Improves the mindset as I’ve learned from the old and copy from the new to make something greater.


After reading a lot of replies, I can also see both sides of the story. New members do get a bad reputation right off the bat in my opinion. Why? Cause including myself, everyone is going to make mistakes. I’ve already made one and haven’t even been here for a week. But a good thing about making mistakes is learning from them. New members like myself are here to learn new things. They look up to the veterans and staff here to get guidance and help them grow as a person, which is why I keep coming back to this platform and love it so much. But, as a few people pointed out, I think the entry process should be slightly more difficult. It would help with quality control of posts and be easier on the staff.


This is nothing more than speculation, however I feel as if forcing the transition from a once elitist forum for the greatest minds of roblox to now being overly populated isn’t something that will be accepted immediately. Adjusting to this change could take weeks,months, and possibly even discourage a vast majority of the “elite” from engaging with the community resorting to alternative forms of communication such as discord servers.

Yes, new members including myself are bound to make mistakes as this is unfamiliar territory to us. However not everyone will be as understanding or compassionate. Here’s what I recommend to resolve this crisis or at the very least keep the self destructive damage to a minimum:

1). Before posting an offer in #public-collaboration come prepared with:

  • a reasonable budget (only offering game % with no form of compensation isn’t recommend)

  • general idea of what service(s) you seek or offer.

  • An open mind, for ex: if you don’t get a response right away don’t resort to massive self replies (bumping) as it’ll just bring unnecessary attention to yourself.

  • A game plan or at the very least a rough draft to expand as the project progresses with your team.

  • Before requesting assistance in any support subforum attempt to resolve it yourself first or look through any previous threads that consisted of the same issue you’ve encountered.

  • Interact with the community, contribute in any helpful way you possibly can. Even small contributions can result in getting one step closer to resolving the problem a player was facing.


I disagree with the characterization of this forum as elitist before this change. Nobody seriously thought “we should keep this place as exclusive as possible” before this; there’s been very little disapproval towards the general prospect of allowing new members in at a much faster rate.

The problem is with the way this change was made. It feels as though the moderation of the forums were not prepared and that the general quality of posts has gone down. Only time will tell if this is a permanent issue, but at the moment, that is how it is, and it impacts experienced and new members alike.


It had been originally exclusive, as time went by the once high standards held by the forums were diminished. I suppose elitist is a rather bold word that could’ve been substituted.

As the old saying goes “every man for himself” can be applied here. You can’t force someone to act proper, it’s a choice that all of us possess. Therefore if they choose to ignore all advice,lessons, and guidelines given to them it’ll only impact their future not the community directly. As I always remind myself…high expectations lead to disappointment.

Not necessarily all players had this mindset, however the forums original intent were to differentiate the developers from the players. Targeted at both new and old developers that met the necessary criteria.

Quality and quantity varies on personal preference. I personally feel that even quantity can hold some value if you remain open minded.


With the figures of aspiring ROBLOX developers increasing by the day this was an amazing decision to take :smiley:


I can confirm that there already is a Mandatory Tutorial for all Members who just signed up. There is also a Message sent to New Members about how things run in the Developer Forum and where to go for what.

TL;DR - There is a Tutorial for people who just signed up and a message sent to New Members when they get promoted so you have nothing to be afraid of/worried about.


There’s a lot of kids who don’t bother to read anything that seems too long for them, I’m a moderator for the Car Crushers 2 Official Discord and I’ve seen that some people don’t even bother reading the rules.


At the end of the day’s it’s their own choice whether they read the rules or not. It’s not up to the systems on whether they read the rules or not. It’s on the person reading the rules.

If they don’t read the rules the staff don’t have as many places to watch too thanks to the New Member Permission. They can primarily focus on the Announcements Category, Inception Forum and Bullet-In Board which probably gain the most attention from users anyway, meaning they can easily flag it if it goes against the rules.


You are not really responding to any argument being made so far. You are responding to arguments that aren’t being made.

Some people who were granted access were barely proficient, and some users who were never accepted where very proficient.

You are still acknowledging there was a lower bound on skill. Yes, it’s true that proeficient users were not accepted due to bad luck, but that doesn’t changes that lower bound. With this changes there’s effectively no lower bound anymore. That’s why I’m arguing the quality is going to decline.

Developers who were proficient but were not getting in for extended periods of time if ever were effectively being punished by being barred from resources other, sometimes less proficient, developers had.

Yes, we can all agree the system had flaws, nobody is arguing that. What we are arguing is the new system’s approach to solving them, which in my opinion is not the correct one, as I explained above.

Yes, it has benifits such as limiting community size so it can be better managed. Limiting size is not a scalable solution, as it goes against the core idea of scalability

Nobody is arguing a small community is better than a big community, I recon we would all love a big community. What we are arguing is the size increase is not beneficial if the quality decreases, and the noise to signal ratio gets to big to manage, which, yes, usually is correlated to the size of the community but that’s not the point here.


A better solution would have been to just create a new rank called newcomer, maybe give them the same access as new members but limit their posting rate. It would also kept the differentiation of members that went through manual review and those that were accepted by the new system.

Your suggested solution does nothing to change the problems you are stating. Even at 1 post/day those new users would be posting “lower quality” content. And why is there a need to differentiate people who went through manual review or not aside from an “elite” status symbol.

I’m full well with you on saying that the current system might need tweaking (people have stated being able to get in after only a few hours and this I disagree with). An automated system that has a clear set of expectations (even if not giving the exact to prevent as much abuse) is a step in the right direction though.

I personally find that barring legitiment developers from important resources is far worse a problem than some lower quality content making it into the forum.


And how much of a slap in the face was it for developers who applied over years and years and never even heard back? Meanwhile they couldn’t participate in, again, huge benifits like having a forum to give their input?

In the end the benifits of the change far outweigh the consequences as I see it, and clearly as Roblox staff anticipate based off their decision to make the change.