Update to Developer Forum Entry Process


I understand the whole idea, the only thing I’m confused about is if you’re currently a “New Member” and you want to become a full dev-forum “Member” does a top contributor have to notice you being active/helpful or can you actually re-apply with better work and be promoted to “Member”?

Sandro aka IXDark00LordXI


There’s no application process anymore, Members have to be ranked based on contributions.


Oh okay, I guess I missed that part. Thanks.


To become a member, simply send in a request for an evaluation to Top Contributors. If they like what they see, they’ll recommend you for promotion and the staff will determine if you’re ready. That process took me roughly a week


We all can say we disagree and agree with this entry process. Most people say that they are worried about non-developers entering the forum, and many unintended users. However, I am sure the moderations team has that under control.

Now going to what I believe was said by @Arcuatus, people won’t want to lose what they worked hard for which he is absolutely correct! That just means that if people can earn an entry without much effort, they would tend to do whatever they want without the fear of getting removed from this forum. Of course, if they get removed, what may happen? They may decide to use an alternative account of theirs, I did try using an alternative account a while back and I couldn’t. I guess that means that really isn’t any problem at all. Even though they get an entry, it would be a big mistake to use it the wrong way. For scammers and trolls, I am sure it goes the same for them, as every user must follow the rules for this forum.

So really, for those of you worried about non-developers entering, you shouldn’t be! They should have everything under control.


Exactly what I’m afraid about. Hopefully there’s something like a mandatory tutorial for all new members to prevent these immature “developers” from gaining full access without having any idea about the rules.


That’s great! Awesome, the community will be expanding more and more! Another great change.


That’s what the Full Member category is for.
New Members are only able to post on a portion of the boards, which is the only group that this new entry process effects.


This is a really cool update, I have saw many friends trying to get in for months…


What if you had to be a veteran on roblox, for the new system to rank you to New Member?
This would in most cases stop bots, and if a user gets removed they wouldn’t be able to make a new account and get back on.


This wouldn’t work because you can’t relate age definitively to skill level. There are some very talented new members who have only recently joined Roblox and that system would unfairly be against them.


I suppose, but there could be alternative applications for non-veterans.
I’m honestly not against the new system, I got in through the new system, so I’m just trying to see if there’s alternatives because most people don’t seem too happy with this update.


I personally think that the new forum process is different based on who you ask. For new members such as myself I think that the general opinion is that the new system is good, this is considering that nobody has to wait as long for their applications to be viewed. However, a long time forum member might see this change as negative as some topics and posts may be very simple and underutilised which to many can underline the forums experience. I don’t have a full opinion as of now because I don’t know how the entry will work over time. But for now it’s mostly depends on someones position or standpoint. Now there has been contrast with both the old forum being to exclusive, but some say the current trend is making it the opposite. But for now it honestly depends on someone’s opinion or standpoint.


Well, some alternatives were suggested such as a mandatory tutorial, 100 total visits on your games, and a mentorship program for new members.


I agree that the entry process should be less loose, however I don’t know if a 6 - 12 month wait is a good idea, infact I think that would totally defeat the purpose of these new changes.

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I had to wait nearly 4 months and my friends had to wait 6+ months.


I don’t like this. Applications took so long because there were not enough people to review them, then how are there going to be enough people to moderate the huge influx of New Members?

Becoming a member meant you were at least barely proficient in some ROBLOX gamedev aspect, now it means you looked at the forums long enough. This of course is going to lower the quality of the support section questions and the overall discussion in the forums.

A better solution would have been to just create a new rank called newcomer, maybe give them the same access as new members but limit their posting rate. It would also kept the differentiation of members that went through manual review and those that were accepted by the new system.


You’re post highlights the exact problem with the old system:

Becoming a member meant you were at least barely proficient in some ROBLOX gamedev aspect

Some people who were granted access were barely proficient, and some users who were never accepted where very proficient. Getting in was luck of the draw with your application actually getting seen and reviewed and developers who were proficient but were not getting in for extended periods of time if ever were effectively being punished by being barred from resources other, sometimes less proficient, developers had.

Resources that give advantages like:

  • Access to report bugs.
  • Access to request features.
  • Access to interact with staff.

These are serious benifits being barred based on a system that was vague and had no promise of you getting in reguardless of skill. It’s still a problem seen with full membership in some ways, which works as a psudo-popularity content. Yes, it has benifits such as limiting community size so it can be better managed. Limiting size is not a scalable solution, as it goes against the core idea of scalability (size doesn’t effect scalable systems, or has minimal impact). This update is a strong step in the direction of minimzing the impacts of where the system isn’t yet scalable.


What amount of activity would be needed for users wishing to join? And do they just read posts?