Update to Developer Forum Entry Process


I am against this change. There are now ridiculous posts going around, new members claiming work that is not theirs, and all this stuff. People may think while reading my reply, “Wait, aren’t you a new member yourself?”. This is the truth, but I was accepted through applications and now that this change has occurred it is really disappointing to others like me who were accepted through applications before this change. We need to revert.


Really good point. There’s also the possibility of people making bots which come back to the DevForum everyday and then gaining access, further lowering the standard of the DevForums.


If you read the post and the replies the staff have already planned for this. Discourse also already has multiple checks in place to prevent this.


I expressed my opinions in a tweet about how this system might be improved: https://twitter.com/ImElttob/status/1087021912298057730?s=20

As someone who got accepted via the new system, I agree that it’s much too lenient. In my opinion, promotion to new member should be after 6mo/1yr of (somewhat) consistent activity, with active interactions such as liking posts being mandatory for promotion.


Reverting back to the old system won’t help.
As said by Lilly_S,


I know, but there is probably some better way of doing this. Letting players on the DevForums just like that is proving a bit disastrous. There’s new members going around claiming work that is not theirs, and asking questions which can be solved with a quick Google search.


I have a proposal.
As said by @packid851rb, he said that a mandatory tutorial should be implemented so that people who entered in via the new system can learn the rules and basics of posting on the DevForums.


Contact the Developer Engagement Team about it.

Ignore the threads and only look at what interests you.


This could work, coupled with the three-strike moderation system.


This feels like a terrible philosophy if I’m being honest. The solution to people making bad threads isn’t to just ignore them, because they’ll just keep doing it.


The point being: there are going to be (more, and there already are several) layers of different skill levels on this forum, and we are not expecting you to be interested in everything people post. People with a lower skill level won’t be able to participate in higher skill level discussions, and higher skill level users might be ticked off by lower level threads. You are always going to want to discuss with people near your own skill level because this is the most meaningful for your own learning process. Pick the threads you are reading and participating in by that principle.


Fair enough to assume but they do, and when, the quality falls short of what that topic requires. As a product of 20-30 extra posts that lack professionalism and quality, the ‘higher skill level’ users:


Send us examples via DM and we’ll iterate on forum entry/category requirements where needed.

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Thank you! Applications in the past have taken forever


This will help engage more people in the fourms.


Hmm anyone remember the days when Roblox first started the forums and Roblox Invited Developers to join back in 2013.

Time has changed, bit worried now that low skilled “developers” possible some immature people may get accepted though but we will see. Hopefully the forums stays at the professional standard with all the new systems in place.


As I can now use the DevForums due to these changes, I can also see why a lot of people that were here before are bothered by these choices. I had always heard about the wait times for approval and it really kept me away from trying, one of my friends never heard anything back and they’ve been waiting a few months.

I can see the problems of professionalism between the people that were here beforehand, the people that are here afterwards (that actually want to use this properly), and the people that’ll go around making low quality posts. But the upside for me, and a lot of other people, is that we can finally engage with more experienced members and seek the help and tips we’ve been lacking the ability to get, since the old Roblox forums were closed.

All in all, I think the changes are really helpful towards new developers that are serious about engaging and learning from other people, but there needs to be some way of filtering out the people that want to use the platform from the people that’ll mess around.


Additionally developers who waited extensive periods of time (I applied when the forums first opened, and once a ways after, and never heard anything back either time) and whom are experienced can finally participate in polls, report bugs, and request features that they were barred from previously.

I personally was very against having a arbitrary elite class that was hand selected who got speical previlage to the ability to have that kind of input and I’m happy to see a system that removes the “popularity contest” feel from it.


I am very happy that this change was made. When I first submitted my application, I never seemed to get a response back so I assumed that I was rejected. To be honest though, the examples of work that I gave at the time were rather lackluster (:P). I was a bit annoyed though as I have been using Studio since 2009 (so I do have a lot of experience with the features and quirks of it IMO).

Personally, I still think there needs to be some sort of extra requirement on top of the promotion to Member process. Perhaps 100 total visits on your games? I don’t know.