Update to our Terrain Tools

you cant move terrain like a model.

Fantastic! This almost makes me want to make something with terrain just to enjoy these improvements. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

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Thought you were talking about part precision, sorry

I totally agree, there needs to be a ‘hardness’ slider so you can adjust how material blends together. Especially for materials like snow, you don’t want a sharp transition from e.g. snow to glacier. My game is full of snow, and I’d love to see this added since it would add a lot of aesthetic value to the terrain. Creating nice snowdrifts or snow piles is almost impossible right now.

It also depends on your graphics settings. I find that the snow terrain looks perfect on a lower graphics setting, but when I have max graphic settings, my snow has very sharp transitions to other terrain materials. It would be great if the terrain materials looked similar no matter what graphics settings you have.

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Right now it’s practically impossible to transfer terrain from one place to another. Any plans on making this possible?

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This is technically possible using terrain’s CopyRegion method. Use it in the command bar to create a TerrainRegionInstance under the workspace, export that to a file, reimport it into your other project, and then using the PasteRegion method.

However, we are looking into improving and better supporting these kinds of workflows.

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Couldn’t I simply use the same way I copy Instances across Games?
I’m able to do Ctrl+C in a Game and do Ctrl+V on another and get it teleported in the other, why can’t I do it with Terrain?

Yeah, I suppose you can do this as well. That being said, you shouldn’t need to go through the command bar in order to get access to the instance type required to perform this type of action.

it would be awesome if we could use the paint tool on water.

what i mean by that is be able to change color, reflectance, transparency, wave size and speed on certain areas, it would help so much.


what would also be great is an ability to use MaterialVariants on terrain without it being an override!

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Finally. The old one was so hard to use in my opinion.

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Region terrain tools are the most one that need improvements especially the region select tool its really annoying to use

Hello @RickleSandwich

I really like the update but, I think I have a feature that I think you (or the developers of Roblox) should add to make terrain better and the feature that I think you should add to make terrain better is that you should be able to copy and paste terrain into other experiences (games). Can you (or the developers of Roblox Studio) please add this feature because not being able to copy and paste terrain into other experiences (games) is very frustrating. Thank you.

You can already do this:

Though, I do agree that it is quite unintuitive.

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Well, the copy tool that’s already in Roblox Studio is not convenient and also, I was suggesting a feature where Roblox allows you to copy and paste terrain from other games, not copying and pasting in general.

We acknowledge that sharing terrain assets between game is not intuitive process right now and needs improvement. We are going to work on it and will share more once we have the update.

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Ok, well I’m glad that the developers of roblox studio and you (probably) are going to work on this. Thank you.

The smooth tool does way too much subtracting to the terrain,

Here is an example,
In the video the strength is high, keep in mind even when turning it down it still acts like the Erode tool and not just smoothing out the terrain.

I am not sure why it does this but it’s so much worse than the old one ( - the lag )

Bruh what is going on.


It would be extremely useful to have control over the way grass appears (height, mesh, texture, etc.) to create custom terrain decoration with better performance and ease than traditional means.


100% letting us use different Terrain Colors instead of the limiting system in place where globally all terrain of a certain material uses one color value - letting us have different colored materials (for example: tan wheat colored grass in one area and darker more spooky green grass in another) without relying on scripting would be absolutely game changing for developers.