Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines

Could I maybe get an answer on how name changes for games are handled with these new rules for naming?

Right now my game is called “Testing Place” but upon release I plan to rename to the game’s actual name RB Blox. A bunch of assets and such already use this name in my game, would it be against this rule to rename the game to this later on? The game was created around a year ago so it isnt really new.

Originally when I first made the game I had no name in mind yet therefore I just called it testing place. I forgot to change it and now I am worried that this may go badly for me.

I also never plan to expand this outside roblox since it just wouldn’t work as a standalone game or using outside advertisements.


I already have a small game called Bloxy Kart. Do I have to rename Bloxy Kart to something else at a certain deadline?


No, previous games are exempt from that rule.

What if the game randomly blows up in a year from now? Will Roblox still know that I am exempt from this rule?

As stated any experience created before yesterday is exempt from the rule and does not need to have their name changed. I’d assume that also includes experiences that may blow-up in the future.

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To say “I’m upset” about the stars program being shut down is an understatement.
I’m going to be making a very large feedback post about this here on the forums shortly.

EDIT : Posted!


I am currently reading the Roblox IP: Improper Usage Physical Product section of the document provided for On Roblox. My game has classic avatars in the marketing already, and the plan for v4.0 was to make new ones with classic avatars of characters coming in v4.0…

How will I be marketing my game now? Do I have to hand draw my marketing now and add On Roblox on for third party marketing?

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Are they just actively distancing themselves from what made this platform great in the first place?

  • Rthro is more or less a failure and sees next to no intentional usage aside from glitches and troll avatars
  • Restricting usage of not only their logo but parts of their name too might signify a platform name change

Seriously, I don’t get it. I know this platform has been trying to modernize itself for the past couple of years, but at this point I really don’t get it. Rthro is nearly uncustomizable while REGULAR AVATARS HAVE THE FREEDOM TO MIX AND MATCH ACCESSORIES AND SHIRTS. Ironic how their slogan back in the day was “Be anything, build anything”, yet you can’t “be” anything with this body type.

And no, layered clothing is not gonna save rthro.

Edit: I’m not trying to say that rthro is completely useless; but having it overshadow (and presumably forced at some point) current and past features is just beyond me.


How do these changes affect Roblox-related YouTube videos, including character & logo usage on video thumbnails? Is it only affected if the video is promoting a Roblox experience, third-party service, and/or physical product?

For instance, if I publish a tutorial about creating assets / explaining the functionality of Roblox Studio features, would I be able to include the Roblox Studio logo in my video thumbnails or would I need to replace it with the new “On Roblox” Badge?

Example thumbnail:

From what I understand, the usage of the logo (and potentially the R6 / R15 Character model) becomes prohibited if the video promoted a Roblox experience, third-party service, and/or physical product?

Alongside that, Page 3 of the Roblox Badge Usage & Avatar Guidelines Version 2.0 states this:

The “ON ROBLOX” Badge is for use for any 3rd party business, brand or experience that adhere to our terms of use. Please ensure that all marketing materials and assets include this “ON ROBLOX” badge. The use of the official Roblox logo (outside of this badge) is strictly prohibited.


  • Is the Roblox Studio logo also prohibited from being used? - Clarification about this would be useful since it only addresses the official Roblox logo; the Roblox Studio logo isn’t included or mentioned anywhere in the guidelines.

  • Are thumbnails for YouTube videos that are centered around the Roblox platform considered “marketing material”? - If so, I presume the video thumbnail must include the “On Roblox” badge, even if it is not promoting experiences on Roblox?

Lastly, the Roblox Name and Logo - Community Usage Guidelines states this:

  1. The use of the Roblox name (and any name similar to Roblox), badge, logo, and other trademarks including “Classic Roblox Avatars” (R6 and R15 Avatars as defined in our Terms of Use) is not permitted on physical products or commercial content and may not be tied to the development, distribution or sale of any products or services (including, but not limited to, physical products, packaging, retail displays, services, NFTs, film, TV, books, stage shows or amusement parks) without a Roblox licensing agreement.
  • Would video tutorials about creating assets in Roblox Studio be considered “related to the development of a product”, even if the asset is only to be used inside of Roblox experiences? - If so, does this mean that the Roblox name, badge, logo, and other trademarks could not be displayed on video thumbnails or in video tutorials?

Whyis this not allowed? It looks much better in my opinion. Also, can we use Gotham and not Black? Or Bold, and Medium?


I agree that with the frame it does look better, not sure why we cant use a framed version, helps separate it from whatever might be in the background.


Please reconsider the “blox” wording restriction. The vast majority of developers never take their products off-site, and only few big developers will run into the issue this is trying to prevent. What does this restriction really accomplish other than consuming your resources, not allow people pay homage to roblox’s style, and annoy developers?

Allowing people to use “blox” naming conventions brings people into a culture and subtly helps all roblox games have a shared audience. Why not at least allow the use of “blox” variants for roblox-themed or roblox-related content if its obvious the content is from roblox?


Roblox has provided a design document to answer these questions.

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Kiss any cool design you had for it goodbye.


Exactly this! As long as I’m not bringing it off-site there shouldn’t be any issues with it having the phrase “roblox” or “blox” etc. Yet I’m basically forced to rebrand my game now that some other people tried bringing their games off roblox but failed?

I’m seriously disappointed in how not well thought out this was. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with including “blox” in a title if it stays on the website.


Is this a sick late april fools joke? Disgusting, i can’t believe we are being treated like this. I can’t even have toys based on my games anymore wihout doing some shady partnerships with toy companies :frowning:

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At this point im personally considering about moving towards a competitor where they actually listen to userbase.


I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but what exactly does this mean for anyone who creates Roblox fan animations, drawings, webtoons and stories off-platform?

Like…are people just not allowed to do that anymore in terms of R6 and R15?

Also, do these all of these rules apply to anything that’s non-monetized?

Because there is a difference between something like a TV show to simple fan creations, so I just want more clarification.

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I think we deserve more clarification on what restrictions on “Roblox and variants” actually mean because this post is very vague.


… Why? I think this is a bad change. What are we supposed to do for things like game marketing material and YouTube thumbnails? Use Rthro? This is frustrating because I (and many others) don’t like to use Rthro and this is significantly limiting our creative abilities.

This is the one thing I like about this post, I have been wanting an “On Roblox” badge for a long time.

Finally I think this is a bad update overall (Except for the badge) and I think that the restrictions on the R6 and R15 avatars is a draconian rule.


Does this mean we cant make a game with blox in its name?

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