Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines

They can’t unless Roblox approach them to license the classic Roblox avatars.


I haven’t been paid for stars for several quarters, and now we’re hearing it’s being shut down. Am I going to be paid royalties or not? Support did not give me a straight answer in the past few months.

It would be quite a slap in the face for all this time to have passed with no communication (none at all!), waiting for Roblox to get on stars payments (which have been tardy in the past), only to find out it’s dead full stop, no compensation for Roblox continuing to sell my IP in stores that whole time.

Just wanted to update that I was paid, but I feel this was championed by someone.


this post literally turned into an earthquake since it was like “leaked”
edit: the “on roblox” badge thingy looks interesting idk
if roblox wants to continue, they need to care about their community, not just themselves


Rthro avatars may fit the conceptual “metaverse”, but they don’t solely fit Roblox and it will be very difficult, even damaging to attempt to make them universally accepted.

Please do not force Rthro or sweep classic bodies under the rug in the face of new users. Moving away from the core identity of classic bodies is a dangerous step. R6/R15/Rthro should stay a choice, and at least be equally represented. Remember your audience.




That’s absolutely horrendous and contradictory to what Roblox previously stood for. I suppose merch isn’t allowed for our games without “permission” unless we switch to Rthro! Welcome everybody to the new Roblox! I suppose there totally will not be any more limiting changes like this.

Oh hey, remember when the audio update happened in March? I wonder how many people forgot when they said they would later expand these changes to more objects than just sounds. Since we’re now seeing a limitation on merchandise for zero reason I suppose we start removing every image with the word “Roblox” in it now after June 22nd? Maybe meshes that resemble R6 avatars won’t also be allowed either? Clearly merch isn’t immune for our R6 games. What an unneeded slippery slope to open on this platform.


It seems to say that if they are customized enough, it would be ok. That would mean you can not use this:
But you could use this:
I could be wrong, but this it what it seems to say.

Never mind. It says you are allowed to do this with R15, but not R6.


This is literally one of the worst decisions you’ve made, I agree that a property claim should have been made a while ago, but limiting the name “Blox” is actually stupid, if you are trying to copy rid everything with the letter blox, and ro, then I’m sorry to be blunt, but that’s just stupid, you’ll be hurting roblox, and roblox experiences, which your now forcing to rebrand

How far are you going to take this?

Can we no longer use “Robloxians” or any other describing words, you literally have no idea how bad of a decision this is for all creators, not to mention the closing of the star program, meaning people with a smaller brand, can’t have toys made as easily.


I think the main issue with using R6 and R15 in your own commercial uses outside of Roblox is that those two avatar styles are so intrinsically linked with Roblox that their use implies endorsement.


Whole “Blox”, “Bloxxer”, “Robloxia” thing needs a better elaboration…



By any chance, does the “can’t use R6/R15” rule come from the fact that the body types are too generic to be used in a commercially licensed way? I could be wrong but those are pretty generic and it’d be hard to come up with a substitute that could be changed in a fair use work kind of way…


It was specified already that only R15 was allowed for use if it was customized enough. R6 isn’t safe from these guidelines.

You will be able to continue using what could be classified as “R15,” but only if the avatar is heavily customized and the “classic” form is no longer apparent.


The issue with that is, ever since roblox came out, multiple games have followed in the blocky path, having a box like character doesn’t mean that it’s roblox, and even if it is, how does it relate to being in partnership with roblox, that’s just kinda stupid on the company.


You can use it for any games that have been published before June 22nd


I understand that Roblox wants to look more professional and “aged up” in the public eye but I feel like completely alienating classic avatars is a step in the wrong direction lol. A lot of players still prefer classic avatars and in my opinion it gives Roblox a unique, fun look which is important in bringing in new players to the platform. People should be able to choose what they like rather than having to gradually transition to rthro.


I mean reupload of games that use those words. Like “Happy Home in Robloxia”.


I assume the way around it would be to reupload over games you have already published. The bigger worry I have that I don’t see anybody talking about is default Roblox places.

So if you make an account named RobloxFan1337, and your game is called RobloxFan1337’s Place, would you get banned?


(please correct me if im wrong, again) Does this mean that we cannot use anything but rthro in advertising off platform? thats horrible…


Well I guess this is the end of animation YouTube channels… I know this is to forward the public’s view of Roblox but this is the wrong way to do it, all it does is cause people to view Roblox in a negative light due to the amount of restrictions in place for creators.

Nope, R6 cannot be used under any circumstances without permission from Roblox.


That’s stupid, why?? Nobody likes rthro, it looks awful.


Sounds like it, it also sounds like they’ll be doing the same treatment as, YT, or TTV, in names for offsite links, and if they do outlaw ro, or stuff like that, that’s gonna be a dumb decision