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About me

Hello Robloxians! I am a self-taught developer, experienced in all areas of game development (besides GFX sadly). I have been developing for about 9 years, mainly within groups to begin with and slowly starting to become a front page developer in the future. Over the years, I have picked up many different building styles and have dramatically improved my standards. I am very experimental and love to mess around with new features that are open to me. I enjoy to script and have been told that I have a solid understanding of programming and that my code is very well organised.

I have developed leaderboards for tree planting simulator, created a town of salem remake as well as messed around making things that I have never publicly revealed. Also made a Deal or No Deal game as a little mini project. My dream is to reach the front page or to get involved with a big games development studio to show my talents and to reach a wider audience of people.

Some of my builds

Latest Work

Dojo Outside

Dojo Inside

Prison Showcase

Bloxtown Game

Mini Space Station Orbiting Planet

Older Work

Helicarrier (Inspired by Marvel)

QuinnJet (Inspired by Marvel)

London Apple Store Inspiration

Medieval Village

Monopoly Room


Some of my coding

Latest Work

RP Radio System
Radio Interface System - YouTube

New Bubble Chat System

RP Unreleased EMS Prop Deployment
Ladder: https://gyazo.com/42f08d5cefd874544348d4e75a4d8478
Cones: https://gyazo.com/8dc90b94cdfaff479ba04d9728f03005

TechnoCorps Car Delivery System v2.0
Car Delivery System - YouTube

TechnoCorps AC-130 Strike System
AC 130 Strike System - YouTube

RP Unreleased Car Interaction System with locking features

RP Unreleased Interior Loading System

RP Unreleased Civilian Car Spawner

Marvel Inspired Drone Launch from Satellite

RP Mobile Interface

Looting System / Death System Commission

Star Wars Morph System

Customisation System

Examination Portal / Questionnaire System

Battle System

Fishing System (Inspired by Toontown)

Door System/ Loading in room

Bow (Inspired by Vesteria)

Shop “Cutscene” Interface VERY OLD

Spell Commissions
[Teleportation] https://gyazo.com/e482d971bf39111dac3f49547240ea4c
[Lights someone on fire] https://gyazo.com/5dbdafc5f024d9364c11adeb24a4dbae

Some of my UI designs

Latest Work

Phone User Interface Design

RP Radio Interface

Apple Watch Inspired UI

Unreleased RP Siren Box Interface

Star Wars Customisation Interface Commission

Tower Defence Interface

Dungeon Quest Inspired UI Remaster


ELS Plugin (Emergency Lighting System for vehicles)
This plugin is used to create ELS patterns for the policing community. It also comes embedded with a seats positioning system and a way for you to add a locking gui to the car so you can walk up to the car and press “E”.



Games I've worked on

Deal or No Deal
PROJECT | Deal or No Deal - Roblox
Town of Salem
Town of Salem | FREE - Roblox
FSRP Leon County
Leon County - Roblox

Recent Public Showcases

Dojo Showcase - Roblox
Prison Showcase - Roblox


I am available almost every day unless there is a major emergency or something I need to do.


Prices are negotiable, I’m not really interested in the money. I like to make things in my spare time and I have done many commissions for free. However, I do take Paypal or Robux if available.


You can contact me anytime on Discord 𝗟𝘂𝗸𝗲#3333 or Twitter @TechnoOfficial. I’m British so please keep to the BST timezone or I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you all!


On your DM’s on Discord please.

Yes, you may DM me whenever you like. Luke.#2491

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Nice effort! Love the dojo… keep up the good work

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Thank you! I’ll hopefully have some more work to put on later!


I sent you a friend request on discord, your scripting is amazing for my interests. My user is 𝓣𝔂𝓹𝓲𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂𝓱𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓮𝓷#9571


Are you working for commission? I need some scripts in my game and I am looking for good scripter. I like your work.

I’ve sent you a friend request, Hope we can work something out.

Great working with Luke! Fast, efficient, and happy to try out new things.


I’ve been working with this recently, hes fast, high quality and good at developing. He provides great customer service and hes my go to guy. He coded the box carrying mechanic in Rice Farming Simulator. I love the work he did and you should hire him. Price is not too bad but I recommend you pay him because he works faster like that.


Sent a request, I am Nv.
30 Charcattagegag

I’m looking for developers to help with my world tour.

Hi, I am in need of your services.
Can’t pay sorry.
(More info in Dms.)
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616

Love the new stuff that will be added to FSRP. Hope you will add a search player police system.

Good luck man


Hello! Is Luke.#2491 still your Discord username? I tried to contact you but I didn’t find anyone under that username.

You have a very lovely portfolio. I added you on Discord and would love to share more details: Lexorite#6741

Hello, are you still open for commissions? I tried adding you but it wouldn’t go though.