[CLOSED] Mad City is looking for a UI Designer!


Why must I be 18 to apply to it

Most likely because it’s more professional.

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depends on the employer, i’m a contractor doing ui design for summit studios games llc (the guys who made vehicle simulator) and they required an age of 18 years old, only thing is i am 15 years old and because of my skill they hired me even though they wanted 18, @ExabyteDev i suggest if you really do think you have the skill, it wont hurt to apply. maybe you’ll impress them and they can overlook or find a loophole. best of luck in your development adventures :slight_smile:




I am also doing interface as well.

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i am an advanced scripter with 5 years of experience if u need me i will be happy to help

Hi, I can help you

And this is my discord
THE S̶L̶A̶Y̶E̶R#3268

I am Interested Here is my Portfolio!

I’d say @IcyCrash8 is a nice UI Designer so I’m recommending him.

I’m interested in your devforum post.
Here is my portfolio, I normally copy and paste this message to others. I am 18 years old.

Portfolio: I was wondering if it would be possible for me to become a developer for you guys I am experienced and have been developing for almost 10 years I have a portfolio if you want it I am active everyday and I can be on everyday. This is my portfolio Roblox Developer Portfolio (If you want more pictures dm me on discord, Editor#9786 - Album on Imgur I also work for this huge group •The Order of the Sith• - Roblox as a dev LuisAries - Roblox I made most of the games for these groups •The Order of the Sith• - Roblox The GaIactic RepubIic Army - Roblox I work for this big group too. The Roman Empire   - Roblox The Roman Patronage - Roblox 𝗧he 𝗚aIactic 𝗘mpire - Roblox the star wars games I made was mostly by myself I do everything development wise and I work for big groups so I could help alot. I have a flying system that and represent my abilities to script and I made most of the Script /Builds/Models/Terrain on the following game: Roman Belgica - Roblox on here. Here is my flying system game Fly A Tie - Roblox

Sometimes it’s also eighteen years old because they are paying you USD and need government tax info from you.

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Hello, I’m very interested in working with such a driven team! Here is my UI portfolio!


Hefty vouch for Bylocks - you won’t find quality this stellar and jaw-dropping anywhere else.
His work ethic is untouchable and generally is a great guy.

I implore you to reach out to him for this job!

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Hello, I think I would be a great asset to your team. Here is my portfolio, covers a bit of everything.

Hello, I’m known as Zenyrus, UI Designer, Been working for years on Roblox.
Here’s my portfolio:

You can browse the different Galleries showing different games I worked on.
You can get in contact with me thru Discord: Zenyrus#2884
or any of the Social Media Links mentioned in the Deviantart Bio

This is my portfolio. I am not able to tween UI but I am able to import. Let me know if you’re interested so I can sort out my schedule. Thanks.

I’m interested Closed | Zoxian | UI Designer

Interested in this position if still open!

Portfolio: [REOPENING SALE] Quaint | UI Designer for Hire!

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