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As of today, I will not longer be accepting clothing orders for the foreseeable future. I cannot find the time currently, and I feel as if it is unfair to keep people waiting over a month for their small order, hence why I have taken this decision. I feel a lot of pressure to get these orders completed, when I just can’t find the time for them. I’m sure I will return eventually, fresh and ready to work my best again - but for now it just cannot happen.

I am taking the decision to leave my portfolio here, for people to view and so people can ‘save’ me for the future if at some point I return to designing. I also want to keep the reputation I have alive, so I will not have to regain and rebuild my reviews and reputation. The page will be updated and this will be removed if I start designing again.

I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this might cause, but it is the best thing to do for me at the moment.

Thanks, PCHDB

Please view my portfolio here should you wish.


Hello all,
I am a clothing designer and I create a wide range of clothing (can be viewed further down). I have been on Roblox since 2014 and designing for myself since 2018, and commissions since May. During this time, I have designed for multiple well-know games/people, including Bloxxed Hotels and @Simon_Dev.

I do not work on a ‘weekly’ basis (such as you receive a certain amount per week). I offer my services as a singular order for one price, and further items can be added to that order at any point, or another order can be placed anytime after.

I have tried to select items that display my range, however please do not hesitate to ask me to do something new or unique!

I will not do Army/Military based clothing.

Read some of my reviews here - or check the comments on this post!

More Reviews

Please Note: I work on the GMT timezone, and I do not work every day.

I am available to message any time on discord -, I will reply as soon as I can, please be patient.

The time your order takes can vary greatly, depending on my schedule/your order size. I can understand that you would want them as soon as you can, and I will produce them in the swiftest way possible (but making sure no quality is lost - I won’t ‘rush’ items).

Rough pricing can be found on the example pages above, however these may change (increase or decrease) depending on the complexity of your order. I can give you a price as soon as you present me with your order.

Recolours of an item in your order will be significantly cheaper, a price will be decided upon placing your order.

I will NOT send the items until payment is sent to me, however I can provide screenshots displaying my work before payment is made, so you can be sure I have completed my side of the deal.

For R$40, I will make you a simple logo, which you can have on the clothing or use as a group logo. You will receive the file for the logo, even if you request it on clothing.

Methods Of Payment

Group Funds
T-shirt (You must make up for tax)
Robux giftcards

In order for you to receive the clothing, you must pay me first. If your paying out of group funds, I can accept a part payment, in return for part of the order. We can do it all in parts, or you can pay all first, then receive all files as we go. This is to protect me from scamming, and to ensure that you will receive the clothing.

I hope to work with some of you soon!


Criticism :

  1. You can go WAY higher with your prices, I understand your trying to be “affordable”, but it is too cheap for your time.

  2. Try to show different types of styles- not just hoodies, or else people won’t be able to see your potential.

  3. If you have experience, you should list. If not, then this tip is for the future. :smile:

Besides that, I think you laid out your portfolio nicely. :heart:


Yes, im in the process of making some short sleeve t-shirts (uploaded as shirts) and pants with cool styles. What kind of prices would you suggest?

The prices can’t go higher because they are using free shading easily found on google.

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Yeah that’s why I made the prices what they are. Im charging people for the time, but its easy for them to make it themselves however some people do not know how to.

Good on you! If you want me to help you improve message me xKorl#8700

Free Shading?? Wdym free shading found on google.

Messaged you! Mine is DiscoPenguin84#____

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Sent a friend request on Discord. I’m very interested! :smile:

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I’ve added you on Discord, I hope to hear from you soon! <3

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Updated prices as of 2nd June. Only new orders will be affected.

Worked with this person! What a pleasure that I came across this post, was very cheap and you should definitely increase your prices for such the great work you do. (:slight_smile:

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I am interested, I sent you a friend request on Discord, my Discord is Barty 2016#1019

Very fast and cheap, finished in about 30 minutes from when you started
Very good quality
I am really impressed and I really recommend your services

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I’ve ordered many different shirts from this guy. It’s been great working with him and his work is amazing. I would recommend hiring him if you need anything! :smiley:


I am interested, hmu asap at Quionew#2800 on Discord.

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I ordered a race suit from this guy and he is great to work with. He has fast times and I recommend him!

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Great clothing at cheap prices. Also a great person to work with. I ordered around 15 products and it only took him a day to finish them. I definitely recommend buying from this user.

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This artist took my special request and come out with really exceptional results. This clothing artist provides great quality at great prices.

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