Updated Feedback on my Logo Design

Hi im Kamazeyt, I just wanna get some feedbacks about my logo designs to improvise it as possible. Here is the logo.


Looks amazing. Keep up the good work. However I do not think this post should be here. Click the pencil icon and go to the category, select Help/Feedback.

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I love it!!! and I don’t think you need to improvise the logo because It’s already perfect!! :wink:

Well done!! :clap:

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Thanks bro, i just started studying and learning yesterday.

@KamazeYT hey are the vector icons free? Or did you make them?

@Trophane I made them by my own hands and theres nothing that i copied.

It took me about 3-4 hours making them.

Are you sure? I quite recognize the pumpkin

I am looking ideas on google so maybe it can be similar to those.

I look ideas from google because i am just starting to learn on logo designing.

I have a suggestion.
So that candy word and the background are kinda blending in. when I first saw this icon I was able to see pumpkin word written, not the candy but when it took a close look at it then I figured there was candy written there lol.
So I guess you could improve in that candy area.
But overall it’s AMAZING!! :grinning:

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Thanks for the suggestion I’ll make sure to improve on it.

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Which software did you use? after seeing your icon I’m tempted to make icons lol.

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I always use Photoshop cs6. Cuz i feel comfortable on it.

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do you recommend any tutorials? I also want to learn to make icons. :grinning:

I also want to make tutorials but I just started learning and studying on logo designing yesterday but i highly reccommend you watch his videos

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Looks pretty nice! Keep up on the great work!

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Maybe change the candy in the middle a little bit because it is not so easy to read

I suggest just making the background brighter

Nice Logo. Its great for a group or a game :clap: