Updated One of My Character Models!

I decided to remake one of my character models from scratch, altering the base for better proportions.
The original version can be found here.


Roblox IB Model 3

Roblox IB Model 4

If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, feel free to comment!


I don’t really like the hands, it look more like someone had cut off his hands and cut again into 3 parts. I would suggest added 3 fingers and making them slightly longer. image or remove the fingers and just have 2 parts and make this part longer. also suggest removing the ears which look pretty weird and they’re placed way too front. don’t really like how you added 2 parts for the hair and suggest using a mesh part or make it look like it’s part of the same mesh as the hair. Also suggest moving the legs apart when you rig it. anything else, I think it’s pretty good

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Can you elaborate a bit on the finger issue you mentioned?

-Update 1-

Roblox TRT Models 1.PNG

I made three more characters for this ‘series’ of models!

I also fixed a small color error on the first model.

I can provide more views if you want a better look at these new guys. More models are coming soon.

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Your characters are nice! They’re simple and unique! I also love the color schemes of them. Makes them stand out. By far, this is incredible!