Updates and Changes to the UGC Catalog Application

I’m extremely confused, a week ago they told us that they are sunsetting the UGC program but now they started to accept more people when it’s supposed to go public in a few weeks??? What is going on lol


yea weird ugc application link is gone so idk …


I heard that a public UGC program will be added in October.
Will there be any more announcements and further details? If so, where?


Is this portfolio good?

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so far some one who applied back in 2022 just got email back and they got accepted but when they clicked the guilded link they said it was invalid

that i mean they can but its the same as why they keep breaking roblox when they update becuse the engine is old they cant just make all new website using another engine and try and transfer everyones data over becuse they would loose it all or possible corrupt data and sadly theres alot of players that has played way back in the day when tix was a thing but as a whole im pretty sure if they wanted to make it more better they could but not really anyone can do since theres some user names thats with numbers and stuff

so imma drop this info here for everyone this is coming in the new update

Roblox is requiring Premium 1000 (or 2200) to upload UGC, the base tier will not give you access (and this subscription is indefinitely required – or your items go offsale)

I used R$ buy rate because isn’t this the whole reason for this new update? - (UGC for all) make ugc public, meaning a LOT of new creators without preexisting robux? :slight_smile:

even using devex rates – UGC creators pay the highest upload fees, while paying the highest tax on the platform


Where can I find the link to the actual application to do UGC?
I keep finding links to links and even dead links, but no application.

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UGC will be available to everyone in very near future, as we can see on the Roadmap, so I don’t think there’s an actual point to send an application.


not exactly becuse worth it becuse not alot are being accepted anymore
like they are ignoreing our applications

I would still like to try, is there a link to do the application?

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I think you better to wait, they said for october UGC become public so not have sense doing now application when october is so close!

at the very top of the page on this thread which i think still works
if not then they aint updated it

btw i do suggest looking at the updates roblox is doing
1 you will need premuim to sell ugc items in the coming update 2nd if your premuim rubs out your items get pulled off sale 3rd you will have to repay with usd to restock the quanity of the item 4 you do not make 70% roblox takes the 70% you only make 30% if they do the change i think you will end up only making 10% of the robux from the sales not sure on that tho

qt just to let you know dont always go by the road map theres things they have said they was gonna add and it never happend so not everything on the road map is 100% will be added

bro i seriously wanted UGC but roblox ruined it. i cant afford premuim


What is Roblox thinking… Smh. I can’t believe they keep making EA decisions.

I forget about premium sometimes, I am a bit old school, where I had the ‘lifetime outrageous builders club’ which eventually was converted to lifetime premium.

Sadly I don’t see a link at the top of this post, there is one for the actual UGC program which has a broken link, then one for community guidelines.
If you happen to have a link, I would ask you post it.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.


yea ive been around since tix and builderman program they had before they did the modern change

alot cant same situation rn you have to pay 750 for upload of 1 item you only make 30% of that sale roblox takes 70% now keep in mind it use to be this way for gamepasses and clothes too till we complained