Updates to the Scripting Flow [Team Create]

Hello developers,

We have shipped an improvement to the scripting flow when working inside Team Create.

Now, saving or publishing your place will automatically commit (a.k.a. Apply Edits) your script changes if Collaborative Editing mode is off. We have heard strong feedback from the community that the save/publish action needs to include script changes, and auto-committing at save/publish is the expected behavior.

Team Create currently has two modes of scripting:

  1. Collaborative Editing is on: You can edit and test scripts within draft mode without affecting other collaborators. Once you’re done, you commit the draft so that your place is updated to the latest script changes.

  2. Collaborative Editing is off: When you edit a script, you lock the script so that you are the sole editor. When you are done, you click “Apply Edits” to commit the changes to your place.

Previously, when Collaborative Editing was off, you had to manually click “Apply Edits” to apply your script changes. Studio would automatically commit your script changes only if you closed Studio.

Now, the new update additionally performs the auto-commit when you save or publish your place. When saving or publishing, you will notice that the asterisk (*) that marks scripts with uncommitted changes will disappear, signaling that the script is now visible to all of your collaborators.

We want to ensure this change does not disrupt existing users’ workflows. If you do not wish to enable auto-committing script changes at save/publish, you can easily turn this behavior off by going to File > Studio settings > Script editor section, and turning off the “Automatically commit locked scripts when you save or publish to Roblox” setting.

We are also currently reimagining the collaborative scripting experience in Team Create so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please comment below.

Shoutout to @SwirlTheNumbers, @Brouhahaha, @yipiokay, and @MoodyMandyMeow for delivering this feature.

Thank you.


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Can we expect to see a Live Editing option in the future? Both options aren’t that great as of right now, collaborative editing being worse.


Great change, but maybe rename the setting to like ‘Auto commit drafts on save’ since the current name is a tad long


I think branches are a must if you want to collaberate with 3+ people who are all doing scripting


Maybe an option to see a live update, if i am working with someone on a script. That we both see the changes instantly, instead of commiting it first.

If that is not possible, no problem. Would be helpful.


Cool! As someone who doesn’t use collaborative editing, this is a nice change :slight_smile:


Funny this wasn’t done by default, good to see.

I don’t recall, is there a way to read the currently edited version of a script instead of the committed version yet? This was a big point of annoyance for plugin developers around team create for a long time and would be a very welcome improvement to collaborative scripting.


The ScriptEditorService APIs all operate on what’s actually in the open editor (WYSIWYG) regardless of what the underlying collaboration mechanics are. You can use them to check whether there’s an open editor for the script in question and do your edits there if there is (this also lets you gracefully handle conflicts with the user making edits at the same time)


Could we get an option to just not have the commits thing whatsoever? Even with auto-publish it still slows me down significantly waiting for anything to update. I stopped using Team Create entirely over this (went back to local files on disk, sharing back and forth with the others as necessary), so there’s that…


Glad that you mentioned Live Editing! We are working on it.
What’s your top of mind expectation for live editing? It would be lovely if you can share some use cases.


That is possible!
With live updating/live editing enabled, would you have concerns that other people’s keystrokes may break your place?


Nothing big really, just not having to commit/apply, and low latency. A better Version History box as well would be good (which can always be viewed).

Low latency is probably the most important imo, and also the game/group owner can lock a script from live edits.


Not sure if this would be classified as “Live Editing” or even possible on Roblox but I think a cool thing that could be added is where two or more people can edit a script at once. A bit like how liveshare works on visual studio code.

Features that I think would be cool in live editing is:

  • When you click or hover or something over the script it will show you who is editing it (without going into the script)

  • Create some type of indicator where someone is currently editing

Btw example of what I mean:


I am glad this is being mentioned as I asked about this a number of years ago during RDC. Being able to edit a script with multiple people at once would be incredibly useful when teaching a friend how to program or when a colleague needs help with fixing a bug. I always imagined that script changes would only (automatically) commit when the last person who has the script open, closes the script. I also highly doubt multiple developers would happen to accidentally work on the exact same line(s) of code of a script at the same time. And if it does happen they would of course be able to see the line being changed in real time and then discuss how to collaborate on that piece of code.


I have a suggestion, highlight who wrote what in the script editor when collaboration mode is enabled, and it will display the writer’s username when you hover the mouse cursor over that piece of code. The highlights should use team create’s colors.


I think this is one of the biggest things for me too. Being able to see what other users are doing in the script live is really important.

A good reference for live editing functionality would be google docs and these features:

  • Ability to see who is currently viewing the script
  • Text selected/highlighted by one user is shown to all others
  • Version history that shows edits made by each user (Reference below)

GIF of edit history functionality


I’d love to see a setting to automatically recover scripts because script recovery is a bit tedious to use.


Can you allow us to disable team create by default? Having it in the background is nothing but a nuisance in games I’m working on by myself. Saving takes longer and script commits are pointless but intrusive. It’s ridiculous that I have to go through the process of disabling it every time I create a new place.

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LiveScriptingService identified in future API dump, could be interesting

+ Class LiveScriptingService [Service] [NotCreatable]