Updating Creator Roadmap - 3 Months Later

I can only be mysterious and suggest you stay tuned on this one :wink:


You still can’t customize the height of grass though…


Can we expect anything regarding users who are added to teamcreates for experiences owned by another player (not a group) on viewing the analytics and statistics dashboards / menus? Frustrating that I am unable to view the statistics and the new awesome developer tools on games I have been added to.


Any sort of update related to Game Sort Search Algorithm scares me, even categories.
Hopefully we won’t see the same 10 games on every single category.
Games categorised as ‘Up and Coming!’ with already 2billion+ visits along with 10k+ concurrent


What ever happened to videoframe? There was an announcement on a post saying that it’ll allow users to publish videos in late 2023, however with some restrictions being:
The videos can only be 30 seconds long.
The videos cost 2K to upload.
The videos can be uploaded up to 4K resolution.
The videos must be 187.5 MB or less.
We seen TONS of videos being used in Roblox Career Center - Roblox, which is an actual offical roblox game.
My question being:
Will there be any new updates on video frames reguarding their state and when they’re going to be brought to the public?


Dynamic filters being on hold while arguably being the most crucial “new” (genre sorting once existed…) feature for Roblox is disappointing. The other discovery-related features being in 2024, is also unfortunate. That is a long time for people who rely on this platform for their income.

Discovery has fallen off a cliff, and posts such as Roblox’s Algorithm Changes Are Killing Our Game don’t give me much hope for algorithmic sorts. Sustainability is consistently being killed on Roblox in favor of clickbait content that can be churned out quickly but has a very short lifespan, and generally needs massive amounts of users to provide a good revenue stream.

Besides the players, if almost all developers will only ever be a one-hit wonder with an extremely short lifespan game, that doesn’t fare well for the future of the platform. This current algorithm seems to come down to a lot of luck (visible analytics seem to be a secondary consideration) and manipulating users into clicking on your game. That does not seem like a good way to help support studios, careers, and creativity.


I’m looking forward for some of the features like Team Create Assets and Richer Audio Discovery. Not sure about updates like Dynamic Filters, they seem like it would receive a lot of backlash.


What about the Search bar for group assets in Toolbox?


On the subject of audio, when are the plans to actually allow audio assets to be public? At least make audios under 6 seconds have the ability to be set to public. It was promised that we would have an update “Soon” on this almost two years ago and there is nothing in the road map about an audio update until 2024? I’m confused on why old updates are being forgotten about that we were promised would happen almost 2 years ago.


What ever happened to clouds? What could have been awesome was left as a boring feature. We were planned to have so much customisation and then… poof; gone. We need clouds grrr :rage:


Improved Scalability

I hope that is referring to server scalability

Whatever happened to the Hack Week shown below? Where they had Persistent Client Seamless teleport, which would be huge for MMORPG’s on Roblox.

An opt in program to allow better server hardware for large experiences that intend to have 200-500 players in a server would also be a huge step up for us developers and my team.


Does that mean the aerodynamics update will ship soon :hushed::hushed:


Well written announcement, love the transparency.

WRT this I think Roblox is relying too much on certain metrics for driving their algorithm, and perhaps not weighing others enough (e.g. retention should be > acquisition for example). This is a very common pattern I see in social media websites like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The algorithm favors data collected and stripped of context and then makes assumptions that don’t fit. E.g. showing rage bait because people are naturally curious about bad things == showing more bottom-of-the-barrel rainbow vomit absurdity simulators because kids are attracted to bright colors and crude jokes. Both of these outcomes are bad for the people involved because they make the end user feel bad, like their time is wasted, numb, etc. and is further bad for the overall ecosystem, skewing the content Roblox encourages creators to make. Roblox should be more careful with how they use their analytics for surfacing content.


I’m not sure if people agree with me here, but I feel as if there are far more important things to be implemented than what’s currently planned. For starters: increasing the range of lights? Updating Skyboxes? Updating Water. Even basic things like controlling grass height.

What happened to the new humanoidController beta? Or clouds?

It feels like so many new beta features get forgotten, ushered away.

I personally feel that there could be better updates to implement, but please tell me if I am wrong.


We had to deal with horrible discovery for years and the one feature we’ve been promised multiple times is coming soon to fix it all is being put on hold indefinitely?

Can’t speak for everyone, but I feel pretty disappointed.


Where is the lift and drag beta? It was supposed to be released very soon already according to the creator roadmap!


VideoFrames are technically feasible but are probably a problem for moderation.

Imagine a 5 second video at 60 FPS. That’s 300 frames, and someone could easily hide inappropriate content in any one of those 300 frames.

I’d imagine that uploading videos would require ID-verification and a fee of at least 1000 Robux to offset the immense moderation required to prevent bypassing.


I want to see 3D volumetric clouds worked on again. I hope they’re considering.


Quite excited for this to happen im looking forward to seeing what is to come for roblox in the future hopefully we can put all this “stuff” (can’t find a word to describe ALL the problems with roblox) behind us


Well I was impatient to see future lighting on Android… but I guess I will have to wait.