Updating Creator Roadmap - 3 Months Later

I want to see 3D volumetric clouds worked on again. I hope they’re considering.


Quite excited for this to happen im looking forward to seeing what is to come for roblox in the future hopefully we can put all this “stuff” (can’t find a word to describe ALL the problems with roblox) behind us


Well I was impatient to see future lighting on Android… but I guess I will have to wait.


Not surprised here. I’m convinced that Roblox has been intentionally destroying their game discovery for years which really does suck as I love the Roblox platform and all it has to offer.


I notice the timeline for avatar support has some great fixes and updates planned, but the feature to make layered makeup/tattoos for rthro isn’t listed here. Is that too far in the distant future at the moment to be part of the roadmap? Also the ability to make shoes has still been highly wanted as far as i know.


Hello Nick and Tian,

I trust you are both well. I hope everyone is having a great day.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Juan (@JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX). Upon reviewing the announcement above, I find it gratifying to learn about the expansion of the teams’ vision and the launch of new products, both within and outside the scope of the Creator Roadmap.

There are a few points I wish to discuss here. When engaging in conversations within the Roadmap topics, it’s important to maintain accuracy, especially concerning upcoming features. Therefore, I’d like to express the following:

Firstly, I, along with the rest of the community, am interested to know whether there will be another Creator Roadmap that allows us to interact more effectively with the developments by Roblox teams. This would include providing feedback and seeking clarification if needed. Increased feedback can enhance the Roblox teams’ understanding of our concerns.

Regarding recent events, there has been a significant response to the upgrades involving 2D Faces (commonly referred to as “Classic Faces”) evolving into 3D versions, complete with real-time facial tracking capabilities. This has prompted discussions about retiring the popular classic faces. Looking back to when Roblox employee @darkmodeonn sought feedback on Dynamic Heads and Facial Animation, the majority of developers expressed a desire to keep their current heads based on the polls:

Source: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/looking-for-feedback-dynamic-heads-facial-animation/1573773

Despite the preference among many to maintain the classic Roblox aesthetic, this feedback was set aside in favor of progress. It’s acknowledged that Roblox as a platform must evolve within the virtual world and Metaverse. However, clear communication is vital when making decisions that could evoke happiness, confusion, sadness, or even misunderstanding among Roblox users. This prevents potential issues later, such as ambiguously written communication from other Roblox employees.

Shifting gears, ever since the launch of the UGC (User-Generated Content) Program in 2019, there has been an expectation that Roblox players can contribute items for a fee, benefiting both Roblox and the creators themselves. This concept was initially introduced by Matt Brown (@Captain_Rando), Senior Director of Product on the Roblox Marketplace team, and Stephen Jobe (@RBLXImagineer), 3D Art Manager, during an RDC presentation:

During the beta phase, this idea was intriguing and adaptable. However, after three years, the program has expanded, allowing more developers, whether experts or beginners, to participate. While this growth is positive, challenges have arisen, such as slow responses and uneven acceptance rates. To improve this, a seasonal review process could prove beneficial.

Now, let’s address the current situation. When examining the Creator Hub website and the “Avatar creation and Marketplace” topic, concerns arise about “Public UGC.” Although the Roblox UGC Program has enabled creators to produce appealing accessories for avatars, a darker aspect has emerged. Some users are manipulating Roblox accessories by splitting mesh faces and adding extra vertices, exploiting weaknesses in the QA process. While there is moderation, it’s evident that its effectiveness is limited. Instances of UGC accessories being copied, stolen from other creators, and even other games like Minecraft and Garry’s Mod have become prevalent.

Recent developments indicate that on August 16th, at 1:07 PM, the cooperative account of the corporation announced that UGC creators can now sell avatar bodies and standalone heads:

Source: UGC Program: Expanding Creation and Monetization with Avatar Bodies and Heads

From Nick and Tian’s perspective, how do you view this as progress? The steady influx of accessories being uploaded can potentially lead to legal issues and reputational damage. While the notion of account termination might seem straightforward, the reality is more complex due to alternative accounts and moderation limitations:

Source: https://twitter.com/PeakUGC/status/1690748782458118144?s=20

To clarify, I don’t intend to place blame solely on Roblox. It’s commendable to introduce new products. However, it’s essential to consider potential consequences and anticipate challenges. How can these potential problems be addressed?

In closing, I respect all opinions and eagerly anticipate a more collaborative relationship between the Roblox teams and the development community. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,


And what happened to transferring the experiences to another owner?

I need to be able to pass personal experiences to a group


its interesting to see whats gotten implemented over the months, and stuff that wasn’t on that roadmap, but generally, good to see most of the stuff that was promised is on time.

I wonder what the progress is on the open-source documentation and related on the roadmap, because it would be genuinly cool if this comes out in late 2023 even if it is delayed a bit.

I’d argue this isn’t “almost done”, there’s still bugs that I’ve run into without the layout, but to be fair, they seem to be rarer than when zqtitan was forced a few months ago

Also Enum.InitialDockState.Main when


Love the communication here, it’s awesome to see a list of things and information.

Roblox has feature requests and bug reports, which go to different teams at Roblox, but we as the community don’t really know what all teams there are. I feel as though certain teams are not effectively communicating with the community.

It’s not a new issue. There are thousands of feature requests and bug reports that haven’t seen a response from Roblox. I don’t think all Roblox employees have developer forum accounts. I guess that makes sense, but this forum is how Roblox is supposed to communicate with the community. And, not all of Roblox is doing that.

Here’s a slight list:

This section was great to hear. I’ve had my speculations, as I’ve been heavily researching as much as I can about the company, but again, it’s great to hear from the source. Although, I am an outsider only going off public information.

Maybe I just need to trust Roblox on some of this stuff I’m worrying about, but I have my doubts on things.


Docking remains a priority. We have had dedicated people working on it for all of this year. We spent many months troubleshooting the docking issues and deploying incremental fixes to reduce the number of people impacted. But now that we fully understand the root issue(s) and how they are beyond our control, we have shifted gears towards a new solution that we can confidently say resolves the known docking issues for 100% of creators.


Why dont I see the byfron server update, or the alt account detection on this list?


Here we go! Thank you for the update, this has warmed my cold cynical chicken heart :wink:

A roadmap is like a weather report, it’s not much use to us if we just get one a year, even if it’s was a really good one, so the more frequent updates are most welcome.

Plus, these more frequent updates makes it much less of a big deal if things get changed or moved around, imho.


Also thanks for the updates, very helpful!


This is something I am looking forward to. I am glad Roblox has done a roadmap, since it allows us to easily determine what might release in the near future. Now that RDC is in the way, I am really excited for the newest features that might be announced at RDC. Some of the roadmap features that we did get were incredibly useful, such as global wind and the new analytics!


Amazing transparency for a company. Thank you for doing this.


Whoops, little clerical error on our part, we shipped improvements to the Terrain Editor this past quarter. Adjusting grass height is coming soon, stay tuned.


Pure curiosity, what is the root cause for the docking issues? QT is a nightmare but I very well might end up working with it in my career. Might be useful/interesting to know about.


Not really related/on-topic but is there any plan for support for particles/effects for UGC accessories? I think it’d be interesting to see what creators could do with particles/effects to hats and whatnot in the future.


Anti-Cheat - Improving client-side and server-side anti-cheat, and giving you more ways to identify and block cheaters using Byfron’s technology (Live)

I am curious why this one isn’t classified as ongoing. As far as I’m aware, there has been no server-sided anticheat implemented at all (server authoritative humanoid, movement pattern flagging, fly/noclip detection, etc). Can you perhaps expand on what server-side anti-cheat means for us?


Pretty sure it checks for applications injecting stuff into Roblox while the player is playing; so rn it pretty much is locally