Updating Roblox Icons on macOS Big Sur

For those of us using macOS Big Sur, do you notice how all the icons on our Dock look perfectly normal except for Roblox Studio? It’s been nagging me personally for a while, and with the gradient update it stands out even more in a not-so-good way. There is a way to fix it so that the icons blend in properly on our Dock.

Before & After




  1. You’ll want to head over to the Finder application and go to the Applications folder. Locate both Roblox Studio and Roblox and select both by holding Command (⌘) and clicking both applications once. Now, you’ll want to hit Command (⌘) + I. You should see two windows pop up that should look similar to this:

  2. For each application, find the icon you would like to use below and then right-click on it. Copy the image and then click the icon you see next to the application name: image

  3. While the icon is selected, press Command (⌘) + V to paste and update the icon.

Repeat for both applications. If you already have Studio & Player in your Dock, you’ll want to right-click and Options > Remove From Dock and re-add them so that it updates.



This has been bugging me too, LOOK AT THIS:
Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 18.41.46
I like the new logo, but-

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I like the new logo, but the gradient bugs me.


Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 12.27.27 PM Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 12.27.32 PM

Still won’t work. NVM I forgot to restart the apps its fixed.

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To add on, here’s a great resource to get icons, they have thousands of different app icons.

I got both these icons from this useful website.


Tried doing this for studio and it just shows it as a blank image. Is this happening for anyone else?

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 3.40.43 PM

Try downloading the images and opening them in Preview. Once it’s open, do Command + A inside the Preview window, Command + C then Command + V into the icon.